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This month was incredibly busy, so even though it felt like June snuck by, I have a pretty good feeling I know where the time went.

I managed to get quite a bit done this month, but I still feel like I’m just barely keeping my head above the water and I’d like to start to see that change this next month.

My July Goals // Weekly Wishes

A Summary of This Past Month

  1. Participated in Esther & Jacob’s Lovely Letters Exchange. And made a new friend who gave me my first introduction to Korean.
  2. Hosted a CD Release Party. M and I started the month out with our CD Release Party in Seal Beach.
  3. I performed on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It was so much fun and I am so grateful for the experience!
  4. Continued to work on Chinese and started to learn how to read and write.
  5. Celebrated One Year of blogging as Eurolinguiste!
  6. Redesigned Eurolinguiste and moved it to WordPress.

July Wishes | Eurolinguiste July Wishes | Eurolinguiste

Last Month’s Goals

  1. Continue to minimize. I did continue to minimize somewhat, but I really slowed down this past month. I’m going to keep this one on my list until I feel closer to where I want to be with this one.
  2. Teen Jazz Radio. I wanted to finish a few episodes and I did manage to do two in one weekend so that I could focus on the shows that I had the following week.
  3. Decide on My Next Move. I thought about it and have started to lean in one direction over another, but I’m still unsure. I think I still need to feel more “caught up” to tackle this one. I might come back to it in August and put it on hold this month.

This Month’s Goals

  1. Get ahead with Teen Jazz Radio. In May, Teen Jazz partnered with Jazz and Bossa Radio to make our podcast show weekly and more regular. I’ve been doing one episode of the show per week, researching, writing and recording them as they come up. This month, I’d like to try and get ahead or do them in batches so that I can have a little bit of breathing room on the weekends. Also, we’re always looking for up and coming artists to feature on the show, so if you think anyone would be interested, they can get in touch with me here.
  2. Write a language update. It’s been way too long since the last one.
  3. Enjoy this month’s Local Adventure. I recently paid off my student loan and so my family and I are going out to lunch and on a local adventure to celebrate. I’m really excited because even though this place is only an hour away from us, I’ve never been. And… adventures!
  4. Continue to minimize. It’s been a month or two since I first went through my closet and I think I may be ready to give it another go. I also have another place or two where I store things that I’d like to take a second look.
  5. Finish three more books on my summer reading list.
  6. Participate in Lovely Letters again this month.

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