The Busy Language Learner


Finally find the time to learn a language with this 7-day course.


The Busy Language Learner is a 7-Day course that will teach you how to find the time to learn a language even with a busy schedule. Each lesson includes actionable tips that guarantee you’ll find a place for language in your calendar. 

I recently signed up to try out Shannon Kennedy of Eurolinguiste’s 7-day email course called Busy Language Learner and found that it is full of excellent tips and advice to help people with busy schedules who juggle many responsibilities such as work, family, studies, and struggle to find time for language learning. And if you love that email course, you’ll certainly want to check out her bigger program Language Learning Accelerator because BLL is just a small taste. Why am I such a big fan of [this program]? I really struggle with getting organized and as a busy language teacher, father to two young children (ages 2 and 4), and struggling language learner, I need advice from fellow language learners who know how to manage their time effectively. Shannon is also busy with work, raising a young child, and maintaining an active music career, so if she has figured out how to handle all that and manage to learn several languages … and still find time to build a course that teaches people how to manage their time and learn languages, then there’s a ton of valuable insights that she can share. I even suspect that she might have a superhero cape hanging in her closet.

– Jonathan Huggins, Huggins International

I loved it!  It was so nice to hear fresh ideas on “fitting in the time” even if I have the time, they were good for me insofar as motivation.  The “Two Minute Rule” was awesome, and it has worked every time. I always get sucked in and before I know it, I am studying! The tip on how to “Make” time was wonderful, in that it took my guilt away when I do some of those very things.  Normally I chide myself for feeling like I am “goofing off” but in reality, I am watching something in Spanish and I am hearing vocabulary I know (SO exciting!) and hearing vocabulary I want to learn. So, thanks for taking the guilt out of my day(s)! I think you have a really good course here[.] – Kelly J., Busy Language Learner Student

I just finished the BLL course.  Thank you for the time and effort you put into it. [You] provided some solid techniques and guidance.  I am employing most of these right now; or, I am in the process of implementing them. Overall, you did an excellent job.  And, once again, I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into this short email course.

– Greg H., Busy Language Learner Student

The course helped Francesca come up with new ways to study. In her words:

“I had not even considered that the cartoon watching as a language learning activity for me! I had mentally filed it as ‘language learning for the kids’. I was also starting to use the time that they were watching to get other stuff done but you have inspired me to totally rethink the way we watch cartoons. I’ve now turned it from a passive (and therefore pretty useless) experience for the kids into a really interactive, effective language experience for all of us!”

– Francesca P., Busy Language Learner Student

“The course was very helpful. It helped me clarify my goals and my learning approach, and to really commit to re-learning a language in which I’ve become rusty. I took notes and plan to revisit the exercises in your course fairly regularly, as schedule changes and skills change bringing new opportunities (e.g. being able to understand podcasts and newscasts in my target language; then I can listen to those while working out). I can see myself doing that; it seems like a great framework for continuing to achieve.”

– Christine M., Busy Language Learner Student

“I liked that the reading assignments are very short, but packed with helpful information. I definitely feel more motivated to learn and make time for studying with your course!”

– Megan Signs, Busy Language Learner Student

I found the course amazing as I am very busy (hence why I signed up!) and sometimes can’t find the motivation to learn Korean (I have friends and am part of a entertainment company over there) so I know quite a bit but not enough! Since following your tips I have progressed further made goals and achieved more in a shorter amount of time.

– Jess H., Busy Language Learner Student

I liked that the reading assignments are very short, but packed with helpful information. I definitely feel more motivated to learn and make time for studying with your course!

– Megan R., Busy Language Learner Student

The busy Language Learner course was good. I have been regular with my studies, allotting time every day.  I found the course great in creating a positive attitude toward my studies and I found a lot of interesting tips such as the value of short study periods. Also, the value of setting definite goals in my language learning.  Your course was beneficial to me and I make sure to study French every day and look for ways to easily augment my studies.

– Mark, Busy Language Learner Student