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Clear the List: My Monthly Language Learning Update

Clear the List: My Monthly Language Learning Update

Clear the List: A Goal Setting Link Up for Language Learners | Hosted by Lindsay Does Languages and Eurolinguiste

For the last decade, Memrise has been an integral part of my language learning routine. Earlier in the year, however, they announced that they are doing away with their user-generated content which was the primary reason they were my preferred study tool.

I wrote about what my plans would be going forward already, but it’ll be a work in progress as I make the shift to something different.

If you’re new around these parts…

Welcome to Clear the List, where I share what I’m doing to learn languages as well as my latest analysis of my language goals.

If you’d like to join and share your own language learning goals and updates, I’d love for you to join me. You can do so by sharing your updates, or a link to your own post, in the comments below.

So let’s get started, sharing our goals and motivating one another to #clearthelist!

Please feel free to tag your posts or photos with either #clearthelist on your favorite social media channels!

Last Month’s Goals

Start digging into Scottish Gaelic. // I’ve been consistently working on my latest language. Primarily I’m using Duolingo and Memrise (my own course) for the language on a daily basis. When I can fit it in, I’ve been enjoying Jason’s Youtube videos as well as Lauren Rhiannon. For Mother’s Day I received Colloquial Scottish Gaelic and Jason’s Scottish Foundations course which I’m excited to use.

So far, I’ve learned several hundred words and am able to string short, very basic sentences together. I only have a vague awareness of how the grammar works at this point, but I’ll hopefully get to dig into this more soon.

Maintain my vocabulary learning streak. // I currently have streaks on Drops and Duolingo. I’m just now building up my learning streak on LingQ since shifting away from Memrise. I was able to maintain these. As of writing, my Drops streak is 1372 days, my Duolingo streak is 952 days, my longest Memrise streak was over 1,500 days (Croatian) before I stopped using the app.

Keep working through my YouTube Queue.  // At the start of last month I had over 3,100 videos in my Watch Later queue. I realized that going about this in this way doesn’t make any sense, so I’ve started revamping everything, more on this below.

Keep reading Game of Thrones in Russian. // I’m going to be honest. I didn’t get to this one in January. But I did start getting back into LingQ, so that’s a start.

Keep reading Eye of the World in Hungarian. // Same as above.

Read in French. // Since starting LingQ again, I now have a consistent streak I’m working on in the app.

This Month’s Goals

Keep digging into Scottish Gaelic. // I’d like to make good progress in my new materials. I’ll aim for four lessons or chapters from each of my two new resources – Gaelic Foundations with Jason and Colloquial.

Maintain my vocabulary learning streak. // I currently have streaks on Drops, LingQ, and Duolingo. I plan to maintain all of my active streaks through May and on.

Keep working through my YouTube Queue.  // I initially just threw all of the videos I wanted to study into my Watch Later playlist, but it quickly became overwhelming with thousands of videos to work through in both my active and inactive languages. I decided to start cleaning it up and created language-specific playlists for all my languages. That way, I can focus on one language at a time rather than dig through EVERYTHING all mixed together. I finally finished sorting, so my goal is to consistently work through videos in my active languages. Here’s where it all is at today:

  • Korean: 399 videos
  • French: 172 videos
  • Russian: 104 videos
  • Chinese: 216 videos
  • Hungarian: 173 videos
  • Portuguese: 119 videos
  • Croatian: 114 videos
  • Japanese: 85 videos
  • Italian: 21 videos
  • Hindi: 5 videos
  • Hebrew: 8 videos
  • Persian: 16 videos
  • Scottish Gaelic: 39 videos
  • German: 1 video

I’m obviously not actively studying many of these languages, so the numbers won’t change for every single one of those lists month over month. For now, my goal is to watch at least 5 videos per week across all of my languages.

Resources I Used This Month

A quick recap of the materials I am using.

What I Am Using to Learn Scottish Gaelic:

I’m debating between which Scottish Gaelic content I move onto in the near future. I’m between the Teach Yourself book, Glossika, or Coffee Break Gaelic. If you have experience with any of these, I’d love to know what your experience was. Let me know in the comments below!

What I Am Using to Maintain Chinese:

What I’m Using to Brush Up/Improve French:

What I am Using to Maintain Russian:

What I’m Using to Learn Japanese:

What I’m Using to Learn Croatian:

What I’m Using to Learn Hungarian:

Not Currently doing any study for: German, Hindi, Norwegian, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, ASL

What I’m Using for Little Linguist

  • Lots of books
  • Day-to-day interaction
  • italki Lessons
  • Duolingo ABC
  • Movies in Chinese/French
  • Gus on the Go Chinese/French

Resources That Aren’t Language-Specific

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