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Black Friday Deals for Language Learners 2023

Black Friday Deals for Language Learners 2023

Black Friday Deals for Language Learners 2020

*** Updated Nov 21, 2023

It’s Black Friday, so you know there are going to be some incredible deals for language learners around the web! But with so many fantastic offers, how do you know which products are the right fit?

What’s best for everyone is a little different, but I wanted to share my favorite language learning products currently on sale. These are the language learning tools and resources I use and recommend — and now, you can get them at irresistible prices!

50% Off Language Learning Accelerator

With four jobs, three kids, a blog, and seventeen languages under my belt, I’ve had a lot of experience developing time management and energy management skills. I created this course to share them with you. If you ever feel too busy to learn a language, or too tired, Language Learning Accelerator has all the tools you need to work through it and finally find the time to learn your language.

Price: $73.50 (normally $147)

Get this deal.

Available: from now until Nov 30

Get Any Uncovered Course for $97

Olly Richards is offering any of his Storylearning Courses for just $97. These are fantastic courses that use comprehensible input to help you learn your new language in an enjoyable way. Courses include his Uncovered program for French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Latin and Portuguese.

My Thoughts: I’ve used this course for German and really loved the way the program is structured and how in-depth it is.

Price: $97

Get this deal.

Available: Until Cyber Monday

93% Off Language Hacking with Fluent in 3 Months

Fluent in 3 Months is offering a package at an incredible 93% off. It includes the live seminar Language Reboot, the courses the Language Gym, Conversation Countdown, and Speak from Day 1, their webinar pack and the entire Easy Languages package.

My thoughts: Fluent in 3 Months has some really great products, some of which I myself have used.

Price: $97 (normally $1,333)

Get this deal.

Available: until Black Friday

20% Off Pimsleur Annual All Access Subscription

Pimsleur is an audio-based resource available for more than 30 languages. They are available for digital download, but also have an app that features additional study features.

Suitable to learn many languages.

My thoughts: Pimsleur is one of my favorite resources. It’s in my Top 8. It has helped my accent, my speaking, and listening comprehension for almost every language I’ve learned.

Price: $131.96/yr (normally $164.95/yr)

Get this deal.

Available: Nov 17-Nov 27

97% Off Mosalingua

Mosalingua is a step-by-step coaching and immersion program to guide you through all the aspects needed to learn any language. It covers language immersion, listening, vocab acquisition, pronunciation, planning, organization, speaking, and important psychological aspects like improving self-esteem and overcoming the most common fears and obstacles that you need to overcome to get fluent in a language.

Suitable to learn any language.

My thoughts: They offer a wide range of languages and it’s a fantastically structured online course for those just starting out.

Price: Depends on which deal you go for!

Get this deal.

Available: Nov 17-Nov 27

50% Off Glossika Basic and Pro Plans

Glossika is an online, audio-based tool that uses Mass Sentences. In other words, it’s all about learning a language by practicing a lot of sentences. The focus isn’t on individual words or grammar, but on learning at the sentence level.

Suitable to learn many languages.

My thoughts: I recently jumped back into learning Scottish Gaelic with Glossika and have been having good success with it, especially getting used to how the language sounds.

Price: Depends on which plan you choose.

Get this deal.

Discount code: 2023BF50

60% Off FluentU

FluentU is an app and online tool that uses video clips to help you learn a new language. Their Black Friday offer gives you full access to 10+ languages and more than 20,000 videos.

My thoughts: I used FluentU when Chinese was my focus language and it was an engaging way to learn the language. It is definitely a useful tool.

Price: $8/mo (usually $20/mo)

Get this deal.

Available: until Nov 28

30% Off Speechling

Speechling is an app that helps you perfect your speaking, accent, and pronunciation in any of more than a dozen languages.

My thoughts: I love that you get real feedback from a native speaker and think this is a great way to get bite-sized pronunciation practice.

Price $13.99/mo (normally $19.99/mo)

Get this deal.

Available: until Dec 3

See Also

50% Off Ling App

Ling App is a fun alternative to Duolingo that offers a broad selection of languages including Croatian, Danish, Estonian, French, Spanish, Chinese and more.

My thoughts: It’s a great way to fit in a quick study session on the go.

Price: $59.99/yr (usually $119.99/yr)

Get this deal.

Available: until Nov 28

45% Off Your Solid Vocab Memory from Fluent Language (Nov 20-27)

Your Solid Vocab Memory is perfect for you if you are losing confidence because you can’t recall a lot of words and want a holistic view of vocabulary learning and memory, not a hack or a hollow quick fix. The course is packed with examples and tutorials, guiding you through fun and creative techniques for building rich links that mean you will not forget tricky vocab terms anymore.

My thoughts: I love Kerstin’s teaching style and this course is an interesting alternative approach to learning new vocabulary.

Price: $49 (usually $89)

Get this deal.

Discount code: YSVMBF23

Available: Nov 20 – Nov 27

$100 Off The Language Habit System from Fluent Language (Nov 24 & 25 ONLY)

The Language Habit System is an online course and toolkit designed to help language learners build a productive routine.

✅ Get organized, long term

✅ Simple consistency and real progress

✅ Structured guide for learning a language with exciting and achievable goals

My thoughts: I recently had the opportunity to beta test this program and I LOVED it. It’s incredibly helpful for getting on track, setting your goals, and building a consistent learning routine.

Price: $100 Off

Get this deal.

Discount code: LHSBF23

Available: Nov 24 & 25 only

Don’t wait! All these great deals end soon.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that if you choose to purchase one of the language programs using one of the links above, Eurolinguiste will earn a small commission that goes towards helping keep this site running (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for your support!

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