About Eurolinguiste | Shannon KennedyNAME: Shannon Kennedy

LOCATION: I lived in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as well as France, and I now reside in California, USA.

FAVORITES: Coffee, adventuring, learning new languages, creating and discovering new music, martial arts, crossing things off my travel wishlist, and cooking.

LANGUAGES: French, English, Mandarin Chinese, Croatian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

More About Shannon Kennedy

Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you – I am glad you’re here!

My name is Shannon and I am the blogger/language lover/adventurer behind Eurolinguiste.

I started writing this blog while trekking through West France and Northern Ireland as I finished up my Master’s degree in Music/Ethnomusicology from Queen’s University, Belfast. My dissertation was on the various dynamics between music and language, and it was what really inspired me to delve into languages wholeheartedly.

Since, Eurolinguiste has become the place where I share my journey in language learning with others interested in pursuing something similar. It’s here that I document the tools I use, my personal methodologies and progress, and tips for tackling a new language for fellow language learners.

It’s also where I like to share my adventures, some of my favorite recipes, and the little bits I learn about the cultures and histories behind the languages that I’m learning.

When I’m not studying language, I am a musician and a composer, I love to compose and perform. And I love that my career often provides me with the opportunity to travel. Shameless plug: I have a few CDs out with my music. I also love to take photos, practice martial arts, make jewelry, experiment with classic recipes, and scuba dive (something I haven’t done in several years, but wish I still had time to do).

I speak French, English, and Chinese fluently , have dabbled in German, Italian, and Spanish to various degrees, and I am currently working my way towards better learning Russian, Croatian, and Korean. I’m also enjoying a bit of Japanese on the side.

So thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I’m glad you’re here. I hope you join me in the comments, and if you do, I look forward to getting to know you!

PS. If you haven’t had enough of me, I also have a few other web sites you might be interested in checking out.

Shannon-Kennedy.com // My web site as an artist, composer, and singer/songwriter. For all the latest updates on my music, my releases, photographs of me rather than photographs I have taken, and more, visit my site.

AdviceforMusicians.com // The books that I’ve written thus far – one is a collection of advice for established musicians on various aspects of creating a music career (free), the second is a workbook to help improve your music branding, and the third is a guide and workbook to help you record an album.

PPS. If you’d like to follow me along on my adventures, let’s be friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

About Women in Language

In March 2018, Lindsay Williams, Kerstin Cable and I hosted the very first ever Women in Language event. An online conference to champion, celebrate and amplify the voices of women in languages. The event far exceeded our expectations and was an incredible experience. You can learn more about Women in Language here.

Press for Women in Language

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