Photos of Paris France | Round 1

I have family in Paris and as a result of both being there and returning for visits, I have thousands of photos from one of my favorite cities in the world. Here are just a few pictures from a couple years ago when I was there together with my boyfriend (now husband for the first time). I’ll add more soon.

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Photos of Paris France

Paris Round 1 | Eurolinguiste

The Pantheon was one of my favorite places to visit. It surrounded by cafés and it’s not to far to walk to the Seine. It’s all the things I love about Paris.

Paris Round 1 | Eurolinguiste

Of course, you can’t skip seeing Notre Dame on your trip to France. It’s one of the most beautiful historical monuments in the city – perched upon a small island in the middle of the Seine.

Paris Round 1 | Eurolinguiste
Paris Round 1 | Eurolinguiste

Paris is also known for its beautiful parks and jardins located around the city. Who knows what you may find as you explore them? Whether you discover a beautiful garden or even une petite maison, there’s nothing like taking a stroll through parks in Paris France.

Paris Round 1 | Eurolinguiste

And of course, you can’t forget the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe!

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