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We recently headed to Los Angeles for our most recent Local Adventure, a fun linkup hosted by Esther & Jacob, and spent a day in Little Tokyo. I had been looking forward to this trip for a few weeks and really enjoyed the afternoon.

Little Tokyo musts:

  • Try Ice Cream Mochi at Mikawaya
  • Eat at any of the delicious restaurants
  • Try macarons at Lette
  • Drink tea or sake!

A note: We tried to visit Chado Tea, the tea shop located in the museum, but they wouldn’t let us do the tasting (about $20/person). They said we could make a reservation for 30 minutes later (even though the restaurant was completely empty when we were there and only one table was taken). They wouldn’t let us sit without a reservation if we weren’t eating lunch. The host was a bit rude and so we left without doing the tea tasting.

Other than that, we had a really enjoyable day meandering through the stores, trying treats at some of the different vendors and getting sushi for lunch.

Little Tokyo Los Angeles

Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA | Eurolinguiste Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA | Eurolinguiste Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA | Eurolinguiste Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA | Eurolinguiste

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  • So fun! I had no idea there was a Little Tokyo in LA…I’m on the other side of the country, but this would be a fun “not-so-local” adventure if I’m ever in Cali! Stopping by from the Local Adventurer link-up!

  • Emily

    I love Little Tokyo! These are some great pictures that capture the vibe. That is so disappointing about Chado Tea. Hope everything else was enjoyable!

    • It was so enjoyable! We had a great time. Thank you for stopping by!

  • That’s strange that they wouldn’t let you sit without reservations. Although.. I did go to Japan and they were completely full and would not let us wait in line. I thought that was rude, but someone else told me Japanese culture is all about being polite and they culturally think it’s rude to make people wait. I think Japanese Americans are probably very different though. We don’t ever expect good service from asian places, bc that’s the standard. Next time you’re there, you should get blueberry cronuts.. or any flavor really.. from Frances Bakery.

    • Hmm… The website says that reservations are required, but when there isn’t anyone there, I don’t see why it’s a problem. My dad had the impression they didn’t want to serve us the tasting and wanted us to eat lunch instead because they said we could sit right away if we were there to eat but had to make a reservation for 30 minutes later if we wanted to do the tasting.

      I will have to try cronuts next time! M and I have plans to go again in a few months.

  • I love Little Tokyo! What?! I never knew about the ice cream kochi at Mikawaya! I need to try that next time I go. I usually always get the red bean cake at Mitsuru Cafe and coffee at Demitasse whenever I’m in Little Tokyo. I still keep missing the Kyoto coffee brew there though. Would like to try that once! Annnd I hate rude people! Now I don’t want to try Chado Tea Room even though I love tea!

    • I actually think that Mikwaya is where ice cream mochi was supposedly invented? When I got there, there was only one left! I had vanilla, next time I hope to try more flavors. I’ve never had red bean cake, I’ll have to try that next time! We love tea too. It was kind of a bummer.

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