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Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to complete a variety of language learning projects. I aimed to sit the HSK 4 exam after a year of studying Chinese. I’ve sought to see how much Icelandic I could learn en route to the country without learning a word of the language prior. I’ve also completed several Fluent in 3 Month Challenges and have studied languages as a part of 90 Days with Drops.

I’ve documented many of these, but before now, they weren’t easy to locate or follow. With this collection, I hope to change that.

Now, you can find all of my documented language learning projects in one place.

My Language Maintenance Project

Learning Persian with Drops

Raising My Kids In My Second Language

My Hebrew Project

My Hindi Language Project

My Icelandic Project

Learning Hungarian with Drops

Korean for the Fi3M Challenge

Japanese for the Fi3M Challenge

Bonus: 100+ Conversational Words & Phrases in Japanese

Korean Language Project with Lindsay Does Languages

Bonus: 100+ Conversational Words & Phrases in Korean and Video

Learning Russian

Bonus: 100+ Conversation Words & Phrases in Russian

Learning Mandarin Chinese to Pass the HSK 4 Exam

Bonus: 100+ Conversational Words & Phrases in Chinese

Italian Language Refresh

Learning Spanish

Croatian for the Fi3M Challenge

Bonus: 100+ Conversational Words & Phrases in Croatian

What about you?

I’d love to hear about your language projects in the comments below. 

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