Language Learning & Travel Tips Article Roundup | May 2015 Language Resources / Travel

Welcome to the latest installment of my favorite language learning and travel tips. These are my favorite posts for the month of May! I appreciate all of your feedback on last month’s post.

Before I share this weeks tips, I wanted to share that I am co-hosting the Instagram Language Challenge with Lindsay Does Languages this month. Please join our community of language learners on Instagram!

Instagram Language Challenge | Eurolinguiste

Also, I’ve recently written posts for Flashsticks and Language Reach. Check them out here:

Here is this month’s collection of resources for language learning and travel from around the web.

Language Learning Tips

Travel Tips

Please feel free to share your favorite posts in the comments! I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Thanks for sharing our Greece post! <3 That's such a great idea starting an instagram challenge. 🙂 I have been slacking on language learning! I was supposed to do a rosetta stone for spanish, but I've been prioritizing other stuff. I def need to join in once we get moved and settled. 🙂

    • You’re doing so much exciting stuff I can totally understand why language hasn’t been a priority. So excited for you and your move! Best of luck getting settled in. I look forward to your upcoming adventures (especially since they’ll also be local for me!).

  • ooh i really enjoy these language links.. thanks for posting them! i especially enjoyed the ‘will the chinese only rule improve your learning’ link. as i was reading it, i didn’t realize that i had basically imposed rules upon myself in language learning as well, and how vastly it did help me to master/better learn a language. actually i probably should do that with chinese, because i’ve been wanting to learn it for so long but keep putting it off. i need to recommit to language learning!

    • Thanks Soapie, I’m glad you enjoyed them! I hope you find the motivation to recommit to learning Chinese. Best of luck with your studies. I appreciate you stopping by!