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French Animal Sounds

French Animal Sounds

Here is one of the posts that I promised a while back in my article on onomatopoetic French expressions, animal sounds! I know that a few of you mentioned them in the comments on the last post and I stated that I intended to do write it. I must admit that it has been sitting in “drafts” since I wrote that previous post (I wrote them both at the same time). Anyway, without further ado, French Animal Sounds.

French Animal Sounds with English Translations

cui cui, piou piou – chirp, chirp

miaou – meow

cot cot cot, cot cot codet – cluck, cluck

meuh – moo

crôa crôa – caw caw

ouaf ouaf, wouf wouf – woof

hi han – hee haw

coin coin – quack, quack

croac croac – ribbit

ca car – honk

Ouah ah ah hein – ooh ooh, ah ah

See Also

Ouh Ouh – hoo, hoo

groin groin – oink

cocorico – cockadoodledoo

bêêh – baa

siff – hiss

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