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Wherever you are on your language learning journey, I’m here to help you find direction, motivation, and excitement using tried and tested methods.

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What is Eurolinguiste?

Eurolinguiste is your one-stop shop for content, training, and resources about independent language learning.

Every blog post, video, podcast episode, and course is created to help you maximize your study time, make the most of the resources available to you, and gain confidence in your ability to learn and use a new language.

Founded by Shannon Kennedy, Eurolinguiste was created with love by a language learner for language learners.

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Clear the List: A Goal Setting Link Up for Language Learners | Hosted by Lindsay Does Languages and Eurolinguiste
Clear the List: My Monthly Language Learning Update

Prior to the last month, Memrise was my go-to resource for vocabulary. They recently announced…

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How to Learn Scottish Gaelic Online

Each time I pick up a new language, I’m convinced it’s my last. And yet,…

100+ ways to learn a new language
100+ Ways to Fit Language Learning in Your Day

With new apps and online communities emerging daily, countless resources are available for learning almost…

The Top 8 Language Resources I Actually Use on a Regular Basis

I review a lot of different language learning materials for Eurolinguiste. I love getting the…

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A welcome from the creator…

Hey there! Welcome to Eurolinguiste. My name is Shannon Kennedy and I am the language learner, adventurer, and gourmande (that’s French for foodie) behind the site.

My goal here at Eurolinguiste is to help you get the most out of your language learning and traveling experiences by sharing my own. I write about my personal methods for learning a variety of languages, reviewing the tools I use, and updating readers on my progress.

I believe in working hard towards your goals and being transparent with successes and failures, which is what my posts here at Eurolinguiste are all about.

Additionally, I create posts sharing a little bit about the culture and history behind the languages I learn with travel posts, cultural cuisine recipes, and more. Thank you for your interest in my site!


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