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Surprise! After much thought and internal debating, I’ve decided that the next language I am going to learn is Russian. I was between Spanish, Japanese, and Russian, but the latter won out and I’m quite happy with my choice!

A while back my dad talked about enrolling in a Russian language course together, but we never got around to doing it. So I put off learning the language, even though I was still interested in learning it, until he and I could study it together. As fate (or genetics) would have it, however, my dad is too much like me. Or maybe I am too much like him?  Either way, to put it simply, he has more hobbies than he has time for, and has since given up the idea of learning Russian.

Although he has lost interest in learning the language, my own has increased significantly since I discovered just how much I understand with my background in Croatian. M and I have been watching a few movies and television shows with significant Russian dialogue and I can’t help but want to understand better! Plus, I can always teach my папа how to say a few things if he ever changes his mind.

One of the things that I’ve heard over and over is that it’s really helpful to learn the Russian alphabet before you really start getting into the language. Since I’ve heard it so many times recently, I’ve really taken that bit of advice to heart and immediately began working through a deck on Memrise. I didn’t really feel like it was enough though, so I set out to find a printout of the alphabet to hang on my wall.

But I unfortunately didn’t find exactly what I was looking for.

So, I decided to make it!

And now I want to share it with you!

Ready for your Russian Alphabet PDF? Get it here:

I’m ready to learn to read in Russian

I have also been hard at work collecting resources for the Russian language. You can see what I’ve put together here.

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  • Russian is a fun language to learn- I’m learning it too : ) Good luck with your studies, Shannon! Here’s another good resource to help with the alphabet:

    • Hi Kate, thanks for the link! Best of luck to you with your studies as well. I appreciate you stopping by.

  • What a wonderful idea! Russian is such a useful language these days; I know so many friends taking up opportunities over there. I won’t sign up myself but I’ll be sharing this for sure.

  • Good luck, Shannon. I’m delighted to hear you’ve chosen Russian! Feel free to drop a line, if you get stuck with anything. I’ll be glad to help.

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  • I love hearing the Russian language spoken. I feel like I should now understand the Russian alphabet but I keep slacking off.

    • It happens – I’ve certainly had my fair share of things I’ve slacked off on. With Russian, however, I wanted to start reading right away and avoid having to write out the pronunciations of the words in my notes!

      • I’m giving up on slacking off. There are many things I want to read in Russian so I will finish up the script soon. Good thing I have learned a few before so some will be a refresher.

        • That’s great Angel! Good luck with the Russian alphabet. I hope you enjoy your studies.

          • I have finally learned the alphabet. Maybe this helped a little. It got me to stop slacking on learning it.

          • Congrats Angel – that’s huge! I hope you celebrated a bit! I’m glad to have had any part in helping you make that step. I hope you get to read some great stuff in Russian in the near future and I’d love to hear about your progress!

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  • Trdgrde

    Where I can download it?

    • If you enter your email in the form at the bottom of this post, you’ll get it sent to you.

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  • Juris

    Gave Ms. Kennedy my email in hopes of downloading the printable Russian alphabet. No such luck, endless loop of “get your free pdf here” leading to “enter your email” leading back to starting page leading to “get your free pdf here” leading to ….

    • Hi Juris, I’m sorry you had trouble accessing this. Can you send me a note at shannonk@shannon-kennedy . com (no spaces). I’ll send you the file directly.

      • Juris

        I’d rather learn how to find it on your website, helpful for the future seekers.

        • Hi Juris,

          Unfortunately, the file is not available on my site. It is a Premium download available to my email list subscribers.

          • Juris

            Shannon, I registered to your email list subscribers and that still was my experience (no file, yes advertising). If you don’t plan to honour your promise please remove it otherwise it seems a lot like “trick and trap”, a fairly unethical method of luring customers by false promises.
            I lost time trying to figure this out, would like to save it for others.

          • That’s odd because I don’t have any advertising associated with my email list. When you submit your email, you should have received one confirmation email (required by law) and upon confirming, would have immediately received the PDF both on the confirmation page and via email.

          • If that didn’t happen, it was a glitch with my email service and I apologize for any inconvenience you experienced.

          • Juris

            I might have been unclear in my email – the advertising comes up on your web site, not in email.
            The process did not work like you are describing above, so the impression was that I was tricked into the site which was not sharing anything but earned points for extra views of the ads.

            Please make sure it works for others, I already found the alphabet pdf elsewhere.

  • Sarah

    Hello! I just happened upon your website today – I love what you have to share about the Russian language! Unfortunately, I think that I cannot access the e-mail form that sends me the pdf file you’ve mentioned. Is there any way I can still get it? Thank you! 🙂

    • Oh no! I just realized that is no longer working. I’m off to fix it, but in the meantime, you can get it here: Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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