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The Russian Alphabet | Free PDF Printout

The Russian Alphabet | Free PDF Printout

Surprise! After much thought and internal debating, I’ve decided that the next language I am going to learn is Russian. I was between Spanish, Japanese, and Russian, but the latter won out and I’m quite happy with my choice!

A while back my dad talked about enrolling in a Russian language course together, but we never got around to doing it. So I put off learning the language, even though I was still interested in learning it, until he and I could study it together. As fate (or genetics) would have it, however, my dad is too much like me. Or maybe I am too much like him?  Either way, to put it simply, he has more hobbies than he has time for, and has since given up the idea of learning Russian.

Although he has lost interest in learning the language, my own has increased significantly since I discovered just how much I understand with my background in Croatian. M and I have been watching a few movies and television shows with significant Russian dialogue and I can’t help but want to understand better! Plus, I can always teach my папа how to say a few things if he ever changes his mind.

One of the things that I’ve heard over and over is that it’s really helpful to learn the Russian alphabet before you really start getting into the language. Since I’ve heard it so many times recently, I’ve really taken that bit of advice to heart and immediately began working through a deck on Memrise. I didn’t really feel like it was enough though, so I set out to find a printout of the alphabet to hang on my wall.

But I unfortunately didn’t find exactly what I was looking for.

So, I decided to make it!

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And now I want to share it with you!

I have also been hard at work collecting resources for the Russian language. You can see what I’ve put together here.

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