I am a book worm and one of my favorite genres, aside from history or historical fiction, is that of la fantaisie/fantasy (fantasy) and la science-fiction (science fiction).

I read in French as much as I read in English so I thought I would share some of the most common fantasy/science fiction vocabulary in my reading. Please let me know if you feel if anything is missing from this list!

Please note that some of these are words that I have come across in my reading and some are ones that I have added on my own – any that seem out of place are those that I had to look up while reading.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Vocabulary in French with English Translations

échouer – to fail

les ténèbres – darkness, obscurity

rebiffer – to balk

farouchement – fiercely

les pommettes – cheekbones

jaillirent – gushed

en sueur – sweaty

chamade – racing, pounding

aiguiser – whet

chuintements – hissing

une lame – blade

un ordre de chevalerie – an order of chivalry

un chevalier – knight

un système de magie – a magic system

une épée – a sword

un bouclier – a shield

une lance – a spear

une armure – a suit of armor

une cotte de mailles – chainmail

une quête – a quest

épique, héroïque – epic, heroic

une théorie du complot – conspiracy theory

le protagoniste – the protagonist

l’antagoniste – the antagonist

le héros – heroes

le méchant – the villain

une dystopie – dystopia

un dragon – a dragon

un serviteur – minion

les elfes – elves

les nains – dwarves

les gobelins – goblins

sous-création – world-building (I’m not totally sure about this one)

les androïdes – androids

l’intrigue – intrigue

Bilbon et Frodon Sacquet – Bilbo and Frodo Baggins

Book Titles

Le Seigneur des anneaux – The Lord of the Rings

Le Hobbit – The Hobbit

Trône de fer – Game of Thrones

Le Cycle de L’Assassin Royal – The Farseer Trilogy

Le Meilleur des mondes – Brave New World

La Guerre des étoiles – Star Wars

Harry Potter à l’École des Sorciers – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Conan le Barbare – Conan the Barbarian

Le Maître du Haut Château – The Man in the High Castle

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