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New Projects on Eurolinguiste for Busy Language Learners & Croatian

New Projects on Eurolinguiste for Busy Language Learners & Croatian

I don’t normally post update posts like this, but I have so many new projects that I’ve launched in the last month or two that I felt I needed to share everything that’s going on!

The Busy Language Learner

First, I launched a course called “The Busy Language Learner”. It’s a 7-day productivity challenge to help you fit just a little bit more language learning into your routine.

You can sign up for The Busy Language Learner here.

Busy Language Learner

Now let’s get into the intense stuff!

Montréal LangFest

I want to share that I will be speaking AND attending my first language event in August. I’m really excited to be a presenter at the Montréal LangFest. If you’re going to be at the event, be sure to come up and say hello!

I’ll be talking about how to use the skills you develop beyond language learning to become a better language learner.

And if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you can get 20% off using the code SHANNON.

Learn more here.

Language Learning Accelerator

The beginning of July, I launched my very first course (that I developed on my own). I am so proud of this course! It’s 8 modules with more than 40 training videos all about time management and productivity for your language learning.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the students currently signed up in the course and I definitely hope to do more things like this in the near future.

Learn more about Language Learning Accelerator here.

Language Learning Accelerator LITE

For students not quite up to the intensive 40+ lesson course, I released a LITE version that focuses specifically on time management. It includes several modules with actionable exercises that you can try out and immediately implement to make more time for language learning.

Learn more about Language Learning Accelerator LITE here. (Not currently available.)

Get By In Croatian

So, I’m finally launching a podcast! I realize that there isn’t a lot of material out there for Croatian, so I decided to go ahead and provide a podcast for the language. Each lesson is about 10-15 minutes and I aim to teach you just enough Croatian to either get by on a trip or in a conversation. The first lesson is available on YouTube or iTunes.

Listen or Watch

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My Russian & Croatian Refreshes

I recently decided to refresh both Russian and Croatian. I’m trying a lot of different things in the process and I’m sharing what I’m doing across social media as well as here on the blog. So be sure to follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

My Last Language

I’m also taking on what is likely going to be my last language – Japanese. I’m also sharing some of what I’m doing on social media and here on the blog.

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For All of the Above

For all of the above, especially my Russian, Croatian, and Japanese projects, I’d love to know what you’d like to see from me. If you want to see any part of my learning process or notes, or whatever, please let me know in the comments below.

That’s it for now!

What about you? What are you working on?

Leave me a note!

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