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A Collection of Croatian Language Learning Videos

A Collection of Croatian Language Learning Videos

This afternoon I had my first ever Croatian language lesson through iTalki. It has been quite a while since I’ve really worked on the language, and so, I was more than a bit rusty (read: could hardly remember a thing). I have been really focused on Mandarin the last few months which is really a nice way of saying that I have let my other languages slide.

Last week I decided that I am at the point where my Mandarin is progressing quite nicely so I wanted to take a break to refresh Croatian with a lesson and a bit of review. In preparation for my first lesson, I did some searching around to find new Croatian resources and I wanted to share a few videos that I discovered with you if you are interested in studying Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian. I will also include links to them on my Croatian language learning resources page.

A Collection of Croatian Language Learning Videos

The subtitles are not always correct (mostly typos) but I have picked up a ton of useful vocabulary from this series.

Here are just a few things I’ve learned (my notes are in French so I will do my best to provide all 3 languages):

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Croatian French English
To je dobroC’est bienIt’s good
I ja tebeMoi AussiMe too
SretnoBonne chanceGood luck
Vidimo seÀ plusSee you later
Zivjeli! Uzdravlje!SantéCheesrs
Radila sam cijela tjedan, da.J’ai travaillé toute la semaine, moi. (Please note I changed “yes” to “me” because it is a more likely utterance in French.)I worked all week, yeah.
To je toC’est toutThat’s all
Si[er jeC’est superThat’s great
ZapravoEn faitActually
Bas i nePas vraimentNot really
NaravnoBien sûrOf course

I apologize in advance, there was one accent I could not figure out how to do.

If you are learning Croatian, or any other language, what are some useful expressions you’ve learned? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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