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9 Fun Things to do on your Trip with Carnival Cruiselines

9 Fun Things to do on your Trip with Carnival Cruiselines

Normally, when I travel I like to spend a few days in each city I visit, having the time to enjoy the food, the people and the energy. But on occasion, I like to change things up and do things a little different. 

As a musician, I’ve had the opportunity to perform on cruise ships every so often and it’s always an incredible experience. Especially when I have the time to get off the boat and explore the different port cities.

As a part of my most recent cruise, the Capital Jazz Super Cruise, I was able to visit several of the stops and had a wonderful time trying local foods and admiring the water.

My experience on the ship, however, was equally enjoyable.


I love the global cuisines available to you as you dine each night on the ship. The choices never disappoint and I always end up eating far more than I should. It doesn’t help that there is 24/7 frozen yogurt on the pool deck either!

The servers and crew are always extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and you know me – I can’t help but practice the various languages I study with them.

So without any further ado, here are 9 fun things to do on your Carnival Cruise:

1 // Play pingpong out on the deck. M and I enjoy playing pingpong and with a view like you have on a cruise ship, there is no more enjoyable a place to play!

2 // Eat way to much food. I learnt after a couple days into the cruise (and after seeing someone else do it) that you could order your dinner dishes however you’d like. Want to try two different entrees? It’s allowed. Want to skip the appetizer and have dessert first? Done. 

3 // Entertainment. The cruise we were on was a bit special – it was specifically a jazz cruise. But I also know that the regular cruise ships have great entertainment as well. Everything from concerts to musicals to comedians. Definitely a little something for everyone!

4 // The chance to unplug. Many might argue that the price of Internet on cruise ships is outrageous. I’d argue that it’s the perfect excuse to unplug. M and I only checked our emails while we were out on the islands and had access to free wifi. On the ship, it was a break from the constant email and social media checking and it was refreshing.

5 // Wander the ship. When you need to burn off some of the calories from your trips to the lunch lines, the 24/7 pizza and ice cream or the multi-course dinners, walking the ship is always an adventure. The different floors give you access to different balconies and outdoor areas, there are shops and restaurants and other places to explore, and there’s plenty of opportunity to get your step count up.

6 // Enjoy the sunsets. Each night, I tried to make it out on deck somewhere to enjoy the sunsets. The views of the water were just breathtaking.

 7 // Cooking demonstrations. I’m not sure if all of the cruises offer this, but on some ships, you can attend a cooking demonstration and learn to make some of the international dishes featured on the ship’s menus. Definitely a fun activity for the foodie.

8 // Book an expedition. scuba divingNervous about figuring things out on your end when you step off the ship? No worries. You can use the ship’s services to arrange on-land adventures such as snorkeling, , hiking, tastings, and so much more.

9 // Relax. You are on a cruise after all! Whether you choose to enjoy the quite of your room, the sun out by the pool, or the views from one of the couches that line the windows, there’s plenty of opportunity to lay back and re-energize.

Our cabin didn’t have a balcony, but it did have a window nook where I was able to study and I loved it. 


What about you?

What are some of the things that you love to do whenever you’re traveling?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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