My Favorite Travel & Language Learning Tips This Month

Last month I did my first travel & language learning tips roundup and asked if you wanted me to continue sharing my favorite travel and language posts. The answer was a resounding “yes” and so today I’d like to share my favorite articles for the month of March.

Here is this month’s collection of resources for language learning and travel from around the web.

Language Learning Tips

  • These French Pickup Lines from Transparent Languages // Yes, they’re cheesy but that’s what makes them so fun.
  • Flashcards from Antosch & Lin // I get daily emails with new vocabulary in a variety of languages from Antosch & Lin. The greatest part is that they not only give you new words on a daily basis, but they also give you sentences in which the words are used. It’s a really great resource.
  • What the World Will Speak in 2115 // I discovered this interesting article via Wikitongues and it was a really interesting read. I definitely recommend checking out their theories on language 100 years from now.
  • Marie’s Dictionary // This video is just so incredible. Marie’s story and her desire to preserve her language, Wukchumni, is beyond admirable. I teared up the moment I pressed play. Just watch it. Trust me.
  • WaiChinese // I discovered this app through a group on Facebook and now I’m obsessed. Mandarin tones are something that I struggle with and this app is geared towards helping you with just that. The app is web-based and mobile and it analyzing your voice for the correct pitches/tones. You then submit a recording to your own coach who sends email corrections. Soooo helpful.

Travel Photos & Tips

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