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New Sponsorship Options Available on Eurolinguiste

New Sponsorship Options Available on Eurolinguiste

Hey everyone! I try not to make it a habit of shameless self-promotion, but I wanted to let you know that I am now offering sponsorship options on Eurolinguiste. I, personally, have discovered a ton of fantastic bloggers and brands through sponsorships, and I thought it would be great for you all to meet some incredible brands and bloggers, too.

So, in an effort to introduce more of you fantastic people and your wonderful sites, and to help other language/travel bloggers like myself grow their audiences, I’m going to start offering sponsor packages. Together we can help get you and your brand more exposure!

I currently offer three different options – each of which are seen on every page of this site.

But it’s not just the ad space I’m offering sponsors! You’ll also get social media shout-outs, the option of participating in giveaways on the blog, and more. Sponsoring Eurolinguiste is a great way to reach thousands of interested readers every month at a very affordable price (our 125×125 ad space is under $10)!

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Eurolinguiste’s readership is growing and serves numerous followers in the language learning and travel communities. You can visit my sponsor page to learn more about sponsorship options and to reserve your ad space.

PS. I’m offering a special bonus for the moment. If you sign up as a sponsor, I’ll throw an extra month in for free. So what do you think? Let’s team up!

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