• Doors and Doorways in Venice, Italy

    Recently I went on a short trip to Venice, Italy. It was my first trip ever to Italy and I fell in love with the beautiful canals, delicious food, and lively crowds in the city. It was a memorable weekend!

    Venice’s doors and doorways were dispersed amongst the streets and alleyways, and even along the canals. I had the opportunity to add some rather unique photos to my collection!

    Doors and Doorways in Venice

    Doors and Doorways in Venice, Italy | Eurolinguiste

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  • Photos from Venice Italy

    M and I recently celebrated our two year wedding anniversary and we decided to take a short trip to Venice, Italy to celebrate. We arrived from Paris on Friday afternoon and had the chance to wander around while it was still light out and not yet crowded (there were several cruise ships that were in the process of arriving and we tried to get a bit of sight seeing in before they disembarked). 

    Our hotel was near St. Mark’s Square – the staff was incredibly nice, the complimentary breakfast was delicious, but the rooms were small and a little stuffy. Considering that was the only downside, it was great being near the best sites in Venice. The hotel’s concierege also recommended two great restaurants for dinner – Trattoria Rivetta and Antica Sagrestia – the latter of which I highly recommend. 

    On Saturday, there was a college graduation held in St. Mark’s Square so the area was incredibly busy. We escaped to the far side of the island to eat lunch on one of the docks. 

    We left on Sunday morning by the public transport boat Alilaguna after enjoying breakfast at our hotel (if you use Alilaguna, it’s better to leave earlier, even though they say its only an hour to the airport it takes closer to an hour and a half to two hours).

    Enjoy these photos from Venice Italy!

    Venice Italy | Eurolinguiste
    Venice Italy | Eurolinguiste
    Venice Italy | Eurolinguiste
    Venice Italy | Eurolinguiste
    Venice Italy | Eurolinguiste
    Venice Italy | Eurolinguiste
    Venice Italy | Eurolinguiste

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