March Goals // Weekly Wishes

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It is now March – the last month of HSK Level 1 prep for me and I am feeling the pressure! I just finished writing my second book, “30 Days to a Better Music Brand.” It will be available on March 9th and I can’t wait!

My March Goals // Weekly Wishes

Last Month’s Goals

  1. Stretch everyday. I stretched most days, but I wouldn’t say everyday. At least not as thoroughly as I wanted.
  2. Wake up 15 minutes earlier. I started out really strong with this one but once my schedule started to fill out with shows, rehearsals and recordings, I just couldn’t do it any more. I managed to get up earlier the first week and the last week of the month, but the middle two just didn’t happen.
  3. Get through the second 1/3 or more of my HSK Mock Test book. Finish HSK 1 Memrise deck. I actually finished all the tests in Book 1, so now I’m down to review. I’ll probably try one or two of them again to see how I score. As far as finishing the HSK 1 Memrise deck, nope.  I’m not even halfway. Although, I have a HSK 1 Vocab list and it has far fewer words than the Memrise deck, so I don’t which is more accurate.
  4. 5.5K steps per day. I managed to do this all but one day (I forgot the counter resets at midnight and my day ended long after that). It was easier than I thought because I finally managed to convince M to get a pedometer as well and he is really competitive. To date he averages 10-20k. I have no idea how he does it, but it has definitely motivated me to get moving more.
  5. Publish the new book for Teen Jazz. Done!
  6. More minimizing. I managed to get rid of one thing for every day in the month but I didn’t actually get rid of one item per day. There were days that I didn’t get rid of anything but others were I more than made up for it by getting rid of several items.

This Month’s Goals

  1. Get through some of the “Watch Later” language videos in my Youtube queue.
    I need to minimize my digital life as badly as I do my physical one.
  2. 7.5K steps per day. A big increase this month, but I think I can manage it.
  3. Finish reviewing HSK Book 1 and score 100% at least twice on the tests. Crosses fingers.
  4. Finish the First 500 Words and HSK Level 1 Memrise courses. So close, yet so far. The new Memrise goals really help though! Since I didn’t finish HSK Level 1 last month, my goal is to do just that this month as well as the First 500 words set.
  5. Finish converting my artist website over to WordPress. I started to do it, but then my schedule grew packed with gigs, recording and finishing the book.
  6. Stretch everyday. One of our martial arts instructors is also a dance instructor and they have been working with me on flexibility. I’m already noticing a difference and I’d like to continue the work I’ve started.
  7. Wake up 20 minutes earlier. Now that I won’t have as many late nights, I want to try to get more out of my day by starting a bit earlier.

That’s it for me in March. What are your goals for this month?