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Teppanyaki Style Meat & Vegetables with Fried Rice


Fried Rice:
1/2 Shredded carrots, cut into small pieces
1/2 Large onion, diced
3 Eggs
2.5 c Uncooked rice
3 c Water
Cooking oil
1 tbsp Garlic butter
Soy sauce, enough to coat rice once cooked
Green onion to use as garnish, diced
Hibachi Cooking Oil:
2 tbsp Sesame oil
1/3 c Olive oil
1 c Rice wine
1/4 c soy sauce (we used a dark mushroom flavored soy sauce)
1-2 tbsp chili paste (optional)
(if you opt to prepare as much as I did, double the above)
Hibachi-Style Vegetables:
2 Zucchini, julienne cut
1 Large onion, julienne cut
2 c Mushrooms, sliced
1/2 c Hibachi Cooking Oil
1 tbsp Garlic butter
Hibachi-Style Steak, Chicken, or Shrimp:
1/2 lb Steak, chicken or shrimp
1/2 c Hibachi Cooking Oil
1/2 Lemon, juice
1 tbsp Garlic butter
Salt and pepper, to taste
Sesame seeds, to taste
Fried Rice:
Pour water and a splash of cooking oil into a pot and bring to a boil. Add in the rice and cook for amount of time indicated on rice packaging (we used basmati rice and it takes about 20 min to cook).
While rice is cooking, chop carrots into small pieces and dice the onion. In a large wok or pan, melt butter then add in onion and carrot. Once onion takes on translucent appearance, push the vegetables over to one side and add the three eggs into the empty side of the pan. Take pan off burner and set aside if rice is not ready.
Once the rice is ready, place the pan back on the burner and add in rice, mixing well. Add in green onion to taste preference. Add in enough soy sauce to coat the rice and continue mixing. Once rice and vegetables are well coated, transfer the rice to a serving bowl and set aside.
Hibachi Cooking Oil:
Mix all of the above ingredients well in a bowl.
Hibachi-Style Vegetables:
In a large pan, melt the garlic butter. Add in vegetables with about 1/2 cup of hibachi cooking oil. Cook for about 10 min or until vegetables are tender. Transfer to serving bowl and set aside.
Hibachi-Style Steak, Chicken, or Shrimp:
If preparing chicken or steak, sprinkle salt and pepper over both sides of the meat to marinate it. Set aside.
Melt the garlic butter in a pan then add in meat. If cooking the chicken or shrimp, cook thoroughly. If cooking the steak, you can sear both sides or cook more thoroughly to taste preferences.
Once meat is cooked, squeeze lemon over it before removing it from pan and letting it cool slightly before slicing it (the shrimp does not need to be sliced). Transfer to a serving bowl or plate. Sprinkle sesame seeds over meat to taste.