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Language Learning Reading Challenge 2021

Language Learning Reading Challenge 2021

Language Learning Reading Challenge

The votes are in! The Language Learning Reading Challenge community submitted their votes and here are the themes for the 2021 Language Reading Challenge (plus the last two months of this year).

What is the Language Learning Reading Challenge?

Each month in the LLRC, we’ll tackle one book covering a topic related to language and share our experiences as a group. Please feel free to join us. You can participate by commenting on the posts here at Eurolinguiste or by joining the group on Facebook (we have a Goodreads community, too).

As part of the challenge, we will be read books that cover everything from culture, language learning, general learning techniques, history, and more. Plus, we’ll be reading both in our native languages and target languages.

If you’re at a more advanced level in your target language, feel free to read any or all of the books (not just the ones indicated as target language only) in the language that you’re learning.

If you’re still just getting started, that’s okay, too! You can read along in your native language, discovering more about the cultures and histories tied to the language(s) that you’re learning, opting for lower level or graded readers for books in your target language.

Please note that you don’t have to pick just one language for this challenge. If you’re learning multiple languages, feel free to mix and match. The challenge is pretty flexible. I’ve planned it this way so you can get the most learning possible out of it over this next year.

How is It Related to the Women in Language Book Club?

The Language Learning Reading Challenge is hosted in partnership with the Women in Language Book Club. The only difference?

We encourage Women in Language participants to read and share books written by women or non-binary authors where possible.

The 2020 Language Learning Reading Challenge Prompts

We have two months left this year. Here are the last two prompts for 2020:

Nov: History of the region, culture, or language that you are studying

Dec: A book/magazine/etc about your personal interests in your target language

The 2021 Language Learning Reading Challenge Prompts

Jan: A memoir by someone who lives in a country that speaks your target language

Feb: A book set in the country of your target language (fiction or non-fiction)

Mar: A book about a language, a family of languages, a writing system, or something related to linguistics

Apr: A children’s book in your target language

May: Read a book written by an author from a country that speaks your target language (this time can be something other than a memoir)

Jun: A comic book in your target language

Jul: A tutorial lesson, or recipe in your target language

Aug: A book about someone who learns a language (fiction or non-fiction)

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Language Learning Reading Challenge

Sep: A book in your target language (originally written in that language, not a translation)

Oct: Read something about a language you’re not learning

Nov: A book written by a language blogger (like Benny’s books, Olly’s books, Kerstin’s book, Lindsay’s book, or even shameless plug: my book)

Dec: A book about your native language

A Few Notes Regarding the Challenge:

The challenge doesn’t have to focus on one language, if you are studying multiple languages (or have an interest in languages you’re not studying), feel free to go for books in or about those languages.

You are absolutely welcome to read books of any level. Graded readers, children’s books, academic books or any other genre are acceptable for the challenges that require you to read in your target language(s). And for topics that indicate you read a children’s book, you can also explore YA (young adult).

You do not need to participate every month to be a part of this challenge. You can choose the months that align with your interests.

If you do not complete the book you take up in any one month of the challenge, that’s okay! You can still join in the conversation and share some of what you’ve learnt from the sections of the book you were able to get through.

Language Reading Challenge Rules:

  1. Share your post discussing the book that you’ve read this month. Submissions unrelated to the theme or links to your homepage will be deleted. You can share in the comments or use the link below to join us on Facebook or Goodreads.
  2. Follow the host: Shannon from Eurolinguiste.

3. OPTIONAL: Join us on Facebook or Goodreads.

Language Learning Reading Challenge
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