Why Do You Travel? 16 Reasons to Get Out There and Explore Our Amazing World Travel

I travel for a lot of reasons.

I travel to experience new things. To try new foods. To see new places. To become a better person. To get outside of my comfort zone. To overcome fears. To meet new people. To practice the languages that I speak. To learn.

I travel because experiences are more important to me than things and that’s where I want to invest my time and energy.

As a child, my parents took my brother and I on a lot of family trips. And while I didn’t appreciate them then – they were a disruption to what I was used to – I appreciate them immensely now. I may not remember the trips in their entirety, but I remember bits and pieces of them and it’s easy to see how those moments, those memories have shaped who I am today.

I know my reasons for travel, but I wanted to know yours. I asked and you answered. Here are just a few of the reasons you shared.

16 Reasons to Travel, Get Out There and Explore Our Amazing World

To Meet New People

“I  travel to befriend and experience people. Period. I’m not a foodie. I’m not a backpacker that spends a few days in a string of dots on a map. I get burned out by sightseeing quickly though I’m a big history buff.

My ideal travel experience is to pick one city and plant myself there for at least 3 months (average duration of a tourist visa). 3 months has proven to be enough to build a social circle, get acclimated to the slice of life of a place, and open myself to experiences. So languages are such an integral part of why I travel. But what’s cool is how I can have the travel experience I just described in my own city.”

– Nate. C

To Experience a New Culture

To Connect with History

“Travelling, like reading, is a way for me to feel as if I had a time machine. Yes, I do love to discover other cultures and meet people from everywhere, but I also have an active imagination that can transport me for a few seconds, minutes or even longer to another period of time. I was amongst the court of the King Henri IV when I visited the Louvres, a worker on the Great Wall of China, a philosopher listening to Socrates talk in the Ancient Agora, a witch during the trials in Salem, Ma (USA), etc.”

– Hélène L.

To Have a New Culinary Experience

To Escape

To Learn

To Do

“I go to places where I have friends and/or something to do. Philippines for a course. Greece for medical check-ups and to catch planes. Turkey I first went to for a holiday but also to help me pray more informedly for Turkey. Then I went to find Kurdish speakers who would talk Kurdish with me for the Add1Challenge. Now I go to meet friends and practise Kurdish, and a little Arabic and Turkish. Germany originally for a work camp. Now to keep in touch with friends. Also this year for a Sorani course – Eastern Europe.  I try to learn a little of the language of the country before I go there. It accumulates as I make repeat visits. Unfortunately never managed more than a few phrases. Of Tagalog, and didn’t attempt the other languages of the Philippines. Once there, I enjoy meeting the people, learning more about the culture, enjoying the food.”

– Nicky

“For a lot of years I did not travel. My world was pretty much in a 20-30 mile radius of my home. Every time I travel my “world” gets smaller. There is so much to do, so many places to go and people to meet. I could stay within my 20 mile bubble but where’s the fun in that.” 

– Gary M.

Thank you to all of those who shared the experiences with me to create this post!

Now I’ll turn it over to you.

Why do YOU travel?

What gets you moving and exploring new places?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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