Weekly Wishes // May 2014 Eurolinguiste

It seems I am a little late to the party this month on updating my goals. I wrote my April Goals out the end of March and this month I’m just now sharing them more than halfway through May. Yikes! I guess playing catch up after traveling out of the country for a month will do that to your blogging schedule when you still have not jumped on the WordPress bandwagon… Late is better than never, so here are my Weekly Wishes.


  1. Pass my next belt test in martial arts. Done! I am already preparing and learning new things for the next level. I earned my new belt just before we left for Europe!
  2. Continue to minimize. I donated a lot of clothes this past month and have continued to sort through my things. I think this may continue to live on my monthly goals list for a while though.
  3. Finish my online course. Done! Just waiting for my certificate of completion.
  4. Read at least two more books. Well, I finished most of a music book but didn’t get around to a language book. I did finish a ficiton book, but I don’t feel like that counts. This one goes back on the list.
  5. Up my exercise routine. This so didn’t happen.
  6. Start doing travel videos. Done! You’ll see something about this soon.


  1. Practice a lot. I have a few important shows coming up next month and I want to be prepared. I hope to practice a bit more than usual this month.
  2. Continue to minimize.
  3. Get caught up. I’m still catching up after having been away from home for so long. This month I want to take care of a lot of the tasks that were put off due to travel and stop feeling buried.
  4. Read at least two more books. One on language and another on music, preferably.
  5. Up my exercise routine. Since it didn’t happen last month, I want to try to make it happen this month.


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