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It’s only been a short time since our last adventure, but I’m already itching for the next. It doesn’t help that I follow all of these wonderful travel bloggers who share beautiful photos of their recent trips and so I’m constantly tempted to begin planning our next getaway even though I’m still catching up from the last.

Here are the Top 9 Travel Destinations on my Wanderlust Wishlist:

Wanderlust Wishlist 2014 | Eurolinguiste

1 Chicago, Illinois // I have family from Chicago and still have yet to go other than to pass through the airport. Photo credit PilliperGritz.

2 The Grand Canyon // Because this is just one of the places you have to go if you are in the US. Β Photo source Top Inspired.

3 Bandelier National Monument, New MexicoΒ // Photo source Sunset.

Wanderlust Wishlist 2014 | Eurolinguiste

4 Dubrovnik, Croatia // I also have family from Croatia and have learned the language with the intent of one day visiting! I also have a fascination with old world coastal cities.

5 Switzerland // When M and I visited Venice a couple of months ago, we flew over the Alps and even debated a train ride to Bern at one point. I supposedly went with my Mom when I was two, but I don’t remember and I’d like to go back so that I do.

6 Tokyo, Japan // Tokyo, along with Croatia, is tied for #1 on my travel wish list. I’m really hoping that our next big trip takes us here. I’d also love to visit Okinawa (my dad lived there for a short time).Photo by heiwa4126.

Wanderlust Wishlist 2014 | Eurolinguiste

7 Beijing, China // I read online that Beijing is the best mix of old world and modern China and if you’re looking for a bit more history without leaving the comforts of the city, Beijing is the place to go. Photo credit LiquidKingdom.

8 Shanghai, China // This is where M most wants to visit in China (aside from #9 on the list). Photo via.

9 Hong Kong, China // Of course, you can’t visit China without making a stop in it’s famed film capital. Photo credit Yuyu418.

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  • Tokyo is on mine, too!

    • Awesome! If I had to pick just one from this list, that would probably be it.

  • Oh man! Half of this is on my list too! I want to visit the Grand Canyon, Croatia, Beijing, Shanghai, and HK too! Haha …

    • Huzzah! Now we can be language and travel buddies! πŸ˜‰

  • Madaline

    Switzerland is one of my favorite places in the world – and even though I’ve been it’s ALWAYS on my wish list to return!

  • I haven’t been to HK yet.. but I hear the food is great there! πŸ™‚ Interesting.. I never heard about the Bandelier National Monument. I will have to check that out!

    • I don’t doubt the food is amazing! Have you been to either Shanghai or Beijing? Bandelier looks really cool and it should be right up your alley (judging by previous photos you like hiking?).

      • I’ve been to both. It was a family trip.. so it wasn’t really much of a vacation. πŸ˜›

        • Sounds like my trips to France! Hope you get to go back to have a vacation (if that’s what you want, of course).

  • Tokyo is literally one of the best places on Earth. It’s just amazing – you will love it. Oh, and if you go, stay in a pod hotel!! I have to be honest though and say Shanghai was a bit disappointing, sorry! πŸ™

    • I appreciate your honesty about Shanghai – it’s good to know. I’m leaning more towards Beijing for when we make it to China and then Hongkong, but I’m glad to know your thoughts on Shanghai!

      • Beijing is very cool – and HK too. If you get the chance then Xi’An is really nice to visit because although it’s still a city, it’s a lot more compact and gives you a slightly different perspective of China. Having said that, next time I really want to visit the countryside to get that perspective! πŸ˜‰

        • Awesome. Thanks for the recommendation. I definitely want to visit the countryside too, but I’d like to check out the cities first.

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  • Erik Hanselman

    Hello! I randomly came across this page. Im PilliperGritz, I took the Chicago River picture. Nice to see it being used as inspiration to want to travel to Chicago! Its a beautiful city. Have you gone since this was posted?

    • Hi Erik, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your photo is gorgeous! I haven’t made it out that way since I’ve written the post, but I hope to head out that way sometime soon.