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If you’re thinking seriously about studying German but still have some doubts about it, this detailed article may help you discover the key benefits of studying this language.

10 Great Reasons to Study the German Language

If you’re reading an article about learning German, then you’re likely interested in this language. Of course, German has a reputation of not being a “beautiful” sounding language, but that’s only a matter of personal preference. As an example, in our everyday lives, we hear a lot of good German songs on the radio, and we like them a lot! If you’re seriously thinking considering attending online German language classes, read this article to help motivate you to take the plunge! Here are 10 wonderful reasons to study this language:

Reason #1: German is a Popular Language

In our world, there are almost 80 million people who are native German speakers. It is the second most popular language in Europe. If you’ve already learned English (or it’s your mother tongue), then it can be interesting for you to study German. It will be useful if you enjoy traveling. The next time you’ll plan a trip to Europe, you can easily communicate with people there. You’ll definitely feel more comfortable in another country when you understand everyone around.

Reason #2: Create Business Opportunities in German

Create wonderful opportunities for your own business. German takes third place in the world economy, so needless to say, any kind of business here can get more chances for success and development. Knowing the German language can help you build a fantastic career. For example, if you cooperate with German companies, you will need to sign contracts and make communication. Of course, you can use translators or interpreters for everything, but this will not save you from various misunderstandings, plus you will have to pay for your translators. Learning German will help you to integrate into business deeply and contact with your partners and customers easily.

Nowadays, many top-rated corporations have an affiliation with Germany. Also, famous German companies like Adidas, Lufthansa, BMW, and Volkswagen are established in many other countries. Every year, thousands of applicants all over the world send their CVs to these companies. Of course, your experience and personal characteristics are very important but knowing German will be a great plus to stand you out of the crowd of others. In general, in our modern world, employers turn attention to candidates who know more than one language. For example, speaking English and German is a perfect match for many trustworthy and well-known companies.

Reason #3: It’s Easy to Learn German

For English speakers, it’s easy to learn German. The secret is both these languages are from the same branch of the language family tree – the Germanic branch. These languages have many similar words, so if you are a native English speaker, you are lucky because you have a big advantage. It means that learning will take less time and you will start to speak German fluently without a huge effort.

Of course, it is still important to study regularly and learn new words and expressions every day to make good progress. It is never late to improve yourself, whether you are 18 or 88, you can start learning German.

Reason #4: Discover a New World–In German!

You can discover a new world online in German. There are a lot of German websites and blogs on the Internet. As an example, .de is one of the most popular German domains (it actually takes fifth place in the entire world). This means many new opportunities for your development, business, and personal growth. For many people, this is a great opportunity in many ways without limitations. Of course, you can start learning German just because you like this language or to keep yourself busy but you never know where it may go. Maybe just in several years, you will open your own business, and the key moment of your success is speaking German.

Reason #5: Education

There are a lot of famous universities in German, and studying there will cost you just $0,00! Several universities take fees from students but they are not expensive at all! In fact, this is a great motivation to start learning German and save money on studying at the university. In many other countries, fees for studying are exorbitant.

According to the statistics, some German universities are in the top 100 in the world. The quality and level of education are excellent. Whether a student is a native citizen in German or people came from a foreign country to study, universities don’t charge foreign students. Pay your attention that most of the courses are taught in German. Before a student will enter the university, they must prove they speak the language.

Reason #6: Read the Works of Innovators in the Original Language

Many famous inventors and innovators were born in Germany. This is a country of talented genius like Kafka, Goethe, Denker, etc. It has a lot of great people, including writers, politics, musicians, art leaders, scientists, etc. For anyone interested in any of these spheres, it may be exciting to learn and understand much more about such famous people like Mozart, Beethoven, or Freud. You can read various books, articles, and publications in German to absorb some from genius. It’s a great chance when you can read a book in original without translation written by the famous person. This is a reason that will make you feel proud that you can speak German.

If you like to read, then you must know that every 10th book in the world is written in German. Of course, you can find the same book translated into English but why do that if you are able to read the original? The same with German movies and theater plays. By learning this language, you can discover a new, interesting culture, improve your pronunciation, learn new words, and understand the writer better.

Reason #7: The Startup Scene

Berlin is a great town for innovations and startups. Make your dreams come true! If you have a good idea for a startup, then you can try it in Berlin. In fact, many successful startups are conceived there every single day. Learning a new language can be quite interesting, it will help to develop your brain, improve memory, increase your own chances for reaching something new.

Reason #8: Germany is a Great Place to Live

If you are thinking about relocating to Europe, Germany is a good country to live in. According to statistics, it is the fifth most popular country people move to. Of course, immigration is a complex and long process but the result is worth the wait! Needless to say, you should learn German (at least the basics). If you are going to live in a foreign country, it’s better for you to speak with and understand people there. This will also increase your chances of getting a job, making new friends and business partners.

Reason #9: Travel

If you like to travel, knowing the German language will be a big plus. As said before, it’s an oft-spoken language. Many people in various countries speak German, and you can too! Knowing this language will help you a lot during traveling. Whether you have to ask someone on the street where to find a good restaurant or want to explain to the taxi driver where you’d like to go, knowing the language–even a bit–can go a long way.

Reason #10: Discover a New Culture

A new language will help you to discover a new culture. Many German events, brands, and food are adopted by many countries. For example, people in various countries like sausages, beer, and famous BMWs. And these are historically German things. When you are learning a new language, earlier or later you become a part of this county culture.

As you can see, learning the German language gives you many great opportunities for business, development, and personal growth. It’s never late for studying, especially nowadays, when you can learn any foreign language at home with your laptop. Never stop to develop, reach your goals and make new wishes for the future!

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