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Thirty by 30 | Eurolinguiste

Thirty by 30 | Eurolinguiste

There are a number of tasks that I would like to accomplish in the next year, but rather than focus on a series of short term resolutions, I’d like to something a little different.

I have several years before I hit thirty, but it’s never too early to start a list of big picture, long-term goals. Actually, it’s all the more reason to start my list now.

Here are 30 things I’d love to accomplish by the time I reach the next decade of my life. Note that a few of them are blank so that I can add new goals as the years progress.

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  1. pay off all student loans + be completely debt free. (Done! Debt free as of June 2014)
  2. go back to Europe. preferably more than once. (1x so far for each year since this post has gone up)
  3. buy a house.
  4. come as close to mastering the languages i speak as possible. i’m currently “fluent” in two, proficient in three, and just beginning one.
  5. have visited at least 20 different states.
  6. take a road trip.
  7. actually learn to play guitar and not just fake my way through it.
  8. make it onto the US Billboard Charts.
  9. go on regular bike rides with M.
  10. start one more language. i’m undecided as to whether it will be my last or second to last. (Done! I started Russian.)
  11. actually finish reading every book i own. this would be much easier if i stopped buying books…
  12. visit a continent i haven’t yet made it to. (Done! We visited Asia.)
  13. stomp grapes at a vineyard. (Done! Sort of, I stomped grapes at an Italian Festival. Does that count?)
  14. record another album (or two). (Done! We recorded this.)
  15. finish the book I started to write.
  16. learn to be more selective. sometimes i spread myself too thin with too many hobbies. (Done. Music, language, martial arts and writing. It may seem like a lot but it is significantly less than before.)
  17. take an introduction to wine class, maybe eventually look into becoming a certified sommelier.
  18. visit south of France. i’ve been north, east, and west but have never made it south.
  19. meet a few of my personal blogging goals.
  20. see camille or gerald de palmas perform live.
  21. organize and minimize.
  22. take M to the getty museum. (Done. We went to the Getty Villa.)
  23. create photo books from some of my favorite adventures.
  24. visit the grand canyon. technically part of my 20 different states, but this is somewhere specific i’d like to visit.
  25. take M to his first baseball game ever.
  26. speak Mandarin “fluently”. i would say C1.
  27. speak Croatian at a minimum of conversational level. I would say B1 or B2.
  28. finish the other book i started to write.
  29. go swimming with whale sharks at the aquarium in georgia.
  30. visit at least five more countries. (We have 4/5 done: Spain, Malaysia, Italy, and China.)

What are some of your goals for the coming year?

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