Scuba Diving a Shipwreck in the Caribbean

Until my first semester of college, I was convinced that I would study marine biology. In fact, it was even why I had chosen the college that I went to for my undergraduate degree.

When I auditioned for the music program and received a scholarship, however, I changed my major at the last moment and the plans I had “created” for my life at the age of 8.

At 14, I earned my scuba diving certification and determined to spend us much time beneath the waves as possible. A few years later, while performing on a smooth jazz cruise in the Caribbean, I had the opportunity to dive a shipwreck on one of the days I had off. It was a trip hosted by the cruise line and I had to beg my parents to let me go (I am the only one certified and would thus have to make the trip alone).

It was worth the argument with my parents because it was one of the most memorable travel experiences of my life.

There is nothing like being 100 feet below the surface, exploring what feels like another world. Swimming through a ship at the bottom of the ocean was both terrifying and thrilling. With scuba gear, navigating the inside of the ship was hard – especially exiting the ship through a hatch (photo below).

After I returned from that trip, I met up with my family at the beach where my brother and I swam with sea turtles and stingrays and had fun photographing one another with a disposable underwater camera.

This trip was several years ago – before I got into blogging – and I am only just now getting around to sharing the photos. It was the last time I went on a driving trip.

I still have dreams to get back underwater – I hope to one day dive ancient shipwrecks in Greece!

Scuba Diving a Shipwreck in the Caribbean Islands | Eurolinguiste
Scuba Diving a Shipwreck in the Caribbean Islands | Eurolinguiste
Scuba Diving a Shipwreck in the Caribbean Islands | Eurolinguiste

What about you? What was one of the most thrilling adventures you’ve ever been on? Feel free to share a link in the comments below!

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Published on: February 18, 2015

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