Paris France 2014 Part I

Last April M and I went back to Paris France to visit family and I never posted photos from our trip. Each time we visit we make an effort to try out new restaurants as well as visit our favorites. This past year Papi also spoiled us. We tried different wines, ciders, merguez, and cheeses almost every night we were there (all of which were delicious) and Mamie cooked us several incredible meals! The sauces she makes from scratch are something else. I am definitely going to bring a notebook back and spend more time with her in the kitchen writing everything down the next time we go.

Below are a few photos from some of our outings. See photos from Part II here!

Photos from Paris France

Gare de Lyon, Marais, Orient Express and Wine in Paris, France | Eurolinguiste
A charcuterie, fromagerie and architecture in Paris, France | Eurolinguiste
The Louvre, Jean d'Arc, and the Marais in Paris France | Eurolinguiste
Photos from Paris, France | Eurolinguiste
The Louvre and other architecture in Paris, France | Eurolinguiste

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of Paris France!

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Published on: December 30, 2014

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