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My mother, much like me, enjoys going to new restaurants and places and further discovering some of the exciting things our local area has to offer. A few weeks ago, she discovered Surfas, a restaurant supply store which serves wine and cheese plates as well as cooking classes. Our trip up to Costa Mesa was a bit last minute, we had other plans but had to reschedule them at the last minute so my mother and I made arrangements to shop and spend some time together.

She had been raving about Surfas since she first visited with my father and was eager for the opportunity to return with me.

The OC Mix & Surfas | Local Adventures on Eurolinguiste

Surfas was enormous and it had a ton of foods and things I haven’t seen since I left Europe. Some of the items were a little pricey (my mother saw a few things she bought at other stores for almost twice the price), but other things were not (a bottle of wine with an average price of $70 was only around $20).

When you first enter, there’s a counter with cheese, meats, and wines just to the left of the entrance (there’s also a restaurant to the far right of the building). We had already had lunch so we sat down at the wine bar and ordered a cheese plate (the French cheese plate, of course). It came with a selection of three cheese, some fruit, bread and their cabernet jelly (which they make on site). The jelly and cheese were delicious but the fruit was kind of sketchy. It wasn’t washed so the grapes were covered in spiderwebs and other things and the raspberries weren’t much better off. I had already had a few before I realized this and was not too happy when I realized how dirty they were.

Local Adventures in Costa Mesa, CA | EurolinguisteLocal Adventures in Costa Mesa, CA | Eurolinguiste

After we finished our plate, we decided to head over to The OC Mix, a fairly new shopping center just across the parking lot, to walk around for a bit. When we first walked in, could smell coffee the instant the doors opened and the aromas were enticing. I told my mother that I wanted a coffee so we made our way to the café where I was greeted with the contraption below. I ordered and iced latte and my mother visited the tea shop next door for some tea.

There were a lot of fun shops in the center including a spice store, a wine bar, a fromagerie, handcrafted jewelry shops, a juice place, furniture, antiques and more.

Local Adventures in Costa Mesa, CA | Eurolinguiste

Local Adventures in Costa Mesa, CA | Eurolinguiste Local Adventures in Costa Mesa, CA | Eurolinguiste Local Adventures in Costa Mesa, CA | Eurolinguiste

To be totally honest, I probably wouldn’t go back to Surfas, but I might return to The OC Mix to visit the fromagerie and wine bar there. It was a fun area to walk around and had both indoor and outdoor seating for those who prefer to relax and enjoy the ambiance.

The OC Mix

MON – FRI 10AM – 8PM
SAT 10AM – 7PM
SUN 11AM – 5PM

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