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A few years back M and I had the opportunity to go up to Monterey, California to spend my birthday weekend near the ocean.

To throw a little history at you, Monterey Bay was originally known as Bahía de los Pinos, but in 1595 it was renamed to Bahía de San Pedro. In 1602 the name was once more changed to Puerto de Monterey.

Monterey Bay is where Cannery Row is located. It is a waterfront street that was once filled with active sardine canning facilities which now serve as restaurants, bars, and offices. It was the setting for two of John Steinbeck’s books, most notably Cannery Row.

In addition to being the home of a diverse array of sea life, Monterey is also the home of one of the largest underwater canyons in the world – the Monterey Submarine Canyon.

While we didn’t have the opportunity to visit the underwater sights (we were there in November), we did get to enjoy the town and the aquarium. One of my favorite sights were of the seals that basked on the rocks out in the middle of the water. It almost looked as though they were hovering over the ocean with their tails held high as though they didn’t want any part of their body touching the water.

Please enjoy the photos below from our trip!

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Have you been to Monterey? What were some of your favorite sites? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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  • I love your pictures of Monterey Bay! We went there for our one year anniversary last year and had a great time! I think my favorite part was the horseback riding along the beach. Turned out to be more fun than I thought!

    • Xiexie Hsiao-Ting! I haven’t tried horseback riding along the beach but it sounds amazing!

  • Yay! I’ve been there, too, on a trip almost ten years ago. (Wow, I can’t believe it was that long ago, now that I think about it…) Anyway, I loved it and need to go back sometime.

    • I loved it to! I’d love to visit again and spend some time out on the water. I love the old town, community feel it has.

  • I love Monterey- especially the aquarium! Was the Sun Fish there when you visited? He was my and my husband’s favorite thing when we visited a few years ago, but we hear that he’s been moved since then because he was getting too big for his tank!

    • I loved the aquarium too! The Sun Fish was there when we were there, so knowing now that he was moved, I’m glad we got to see him!