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I couldn’t wait to share photos from our current trip to Paris, so I thought I’d do a quick Instagram roundup. 

Meanwhile in Paris




Meanwhile in Paris France

+ Finally got the chance to try macarons from Ladurée – they definitely live up to their reputation
+ Enjoyed great weather while in France
+ Tried my hand at French cuisine
+ Enjoyed an excellent meal at La Table des Gourmets in Paris, it’s a (now) underground Abbey from 900 AD
+ Celebrated our two year wedding anniversary
+ Can’t visit family in France without crêpes
+ The house of Alexandre Dumas, one of my favorite authors
+ Discovered there are peacocks roaming the Bois de Vincennes
+ Took Mini M to the Grottes in the Bois de Vincennes
+ The Foire in Paris for the spring
+ The Louvre is one of my three favorite places to visit in Paris (as far as monuments)
+ Found remnants of a castle wall near our home and convinced M to take a photo of me

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