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This month I participated in my first ever snail mail linkup hosted by the lovely Esther of Esther & Jacob. The theme for this month’s linkup was “Summer Reading”  which was a challenge because for many, reading can be very particular. But I suppose that might be because I took it quite literally and thought “books” rather than “anything related to reading.” After having received my snail mail and seeing what Esther sent, I kind of did a mental forehead slap (aren’t these the cutest popsicle bookmarks ever?).

My partner was the wonderful Elyse over at GreenEllephant, a food scientist, mother, and an incredibly sweet person – she still managed to send my Lovely Letter while on the road for work!

First, I just have to say that her snail mail was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received! I was so impressed with how well she was able to select things for me.

So, here’s what I received:

1. A lovely letter

2. A fantasy book that I haven’t yet read recommended based on a series that I enjoy

3. A second lovely letter hidden in my book!

4. A translation of my name and other fun words into Korean (I think this was my favorite part)

5. A printout on how to read Korean in 15 minutes

6. Super adorable fabric that covered the book and other goodies

I can’t wait to start learning Korean!

Lovely Letters - a snail mail exchange | Eurolinguiste

My first snail mail experience was really enjoyable! If you’d like to join us next month, you can sign up here:

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange


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  • oh how fun and thoughtful! i didn’t now your partner was korean. 🙂

    • sksaxgirl

      It was so thoughtful and just perfect! Thank you so much for hosting the snail mail exchange!

    • It was thoughtful! I absolutely love what she sent me.

  • oh wow! her snail mail to you was super thoughtful! i love how she gave you “learn to read korean in 15 minutes” considering you’re a linguist!

    • sksaxgirl

      I know! It was too perfect! I loved it.

    • I know! It was just perfect!

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  • Awww how sweet!

    • It was! I’m so lucky to have had such a great first experience doing the linkup.

  • This IS the sweetest gift! I think I need that Korean book so maybe Ill survive when I get there! So thoughtful. I love the translations too. Im so glad you had such a great time, thanks for participating!

    • Thanks Lauren! I think the book is a free printout from somewhere, I’ll have to ask Elyse. Have fun on your trip there – I hope you have an amazing time!