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It has been a while since I have done a “lately” post and so I thought I would do one this month while working on my NaNoWriMo project since they’re relatively quick and easy to put up. I am also overdue for a language update and a recipe I promised on Instagram, so expect those soon as well.

Lately in Southern California | Eurolinguiste

+ To start, I recently had a photoshoot. We are really happy with the photos and feel it went pretty well. It was stressful trying to put together the “look” we were going for but it all came together in the end. After we finished, my family and I went out for Shabu to celebrate. The owner of the restaurant we go to is so sweet and she makes the restaurant experience unforgettable. It was our first time bringing my parents so I was a little nervous about whether or not they would like it as much as M and I do, but they enjoyed the food and chatting with the owner.

+ My herb garden has been producing faster than I can use the plants so I’ve started to dry them and put them into candles. Do you all have any other suggestions as to how I can use the dried herbs?

+ My Christmas present came early! M bought me an iQue, the Chinese version of the Nintendo 64. It’s a fun/interactive way to work on my Chinese.

+ We tried hotpot for the first time. While I was living in Ireland, my roommates often went out for hotpot but I didn’t understand what it was. The way they explained it made it sound more like a potluck than what it really was. We discovered a Mongolian hotpot restaurant near where we go grocery shopping so we decided to try it out and it was really good! Plus our waiter was really kind and patient with me while I ordered and spoke with him in Mandarin. It was fun to eat and it brought back great memories of my roommates and I playing “fight the landlord,” a Chinese card game in our kitchen.

+ A glimpse of a recipe that I will be posting soon. It’s a comfort food from France that I miss.

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