Language Learning & Travel Tips Article Roundup | September 2015 Language Resources / Travel

Welcome to the latest installment of my favorite language learning and travel tips. These are my favorite posts for the month of September!

Here is this month’s collection of resources for language learning and travel from around the web.

Language Learning Tips

  • This series of essential components in Mandarin from Fluent in Mandarin // This series of articles discusses radicals and other such things that you should know to help you figure out the meanings of words when attempting to read in Mandarin. Parts II // III
  • How to Start Learning Russian from Mezzofanti Guild // Last month I shared a starter guide for Japanese. This month I wanted to share one for Russian.
  • How Easy is It to Learn Similar Languages from Speaking Fluently // This is something that I’ve thought about a lot lately since there are quite a few similarities between Russian and Croatian. I’ve actually worried quite a bit about whether learning the two will be an issue for me. This article really helped me make a decision. Alas, it seems this article has been removed.
  • Constructed Languages from Parrot Time // This is actually a post I’ve thought about writing myself quite a bit, but it seems someone may have beaten me to it! I love conlangs and enjoyed reading this post by Erik Zidowecki.

Travel Tips

  • Top 15 Experiences in Europe for Foodies from the Overseas Escape // I’m bookmarking this one as much for myself as I am to share it with all of you! I’m kind of excited about some of the tours and such on this list.
  • Fun Activities in Sapporo from Just One Cookbook // Namiko’s travel guides are always top notch, but now wither her new site design I’m drawn to them even more! I go for the travel tips but stay for the recipes, except I really just go and stay for all of her incredible posts (especially the one on how to make ice cream mochi).
  • 8 Culinary Traditions of China from ChinesePod // A great post about the eight culinary traditions in China with some vocabulary and links to recipes.
  • Top 13 Things to Eat (and Drink) in Okinawa, Japan from A Texan in Tokyo // I’ve been following Grace’s blog for some time. I really enjoy her comics on what it’s like living in Japan and the videos she posts along with her husband. My dad lived in Okinawa, once upon a time, and it’s been on my travel wishlist for some time. I enjoyed Grace’s post on what to eat while you’re there, so I am definitely saving it for later! She recently published her third book which contains a ton of fun comics and interesting facts about culture in Japan.
  • Overcoming Adventure Envy from Creatrice Mondial // An oldie but goodie.

Please feel free to share your favorite posts in the comments! I look forward to hearing from you.

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