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Last Month’s Highlights on Instagram

Last Month’s Blog Highlights


Things to Do In Fort-de-France, Martinique // Places to see and things to eat and drink.

Montréal Brewpub Experience // Discovering the city’s craft beers and local foods.

Language Learning

An Introduction to Sociolinguistics // An introduction to one of my favourite parts of language and language study – the social and cultural aspects.

How to Stop Translating in Your Head // Or why I don’t think you should worry about this.

Last Month’s Goals

Continue filling the gaps in my Mandarin vocabulary I’ve noticed since Little Linguist’s arrival. // Got new books to work through too!

Read the next Language Reading Challenge book on my list. // You bet.

Keep working through my YouTube Queue.  // I got through about 100 and added less than that, so I’ll get this as a win. I probably won’t get through much the next month mostly because I’m focused on Croatian and about 99.9% of my videos are about other languages, so I haven’t really had the chance to watch them.

Read something in Chinese, French, and/or Spanish and Russian. // Yes!

Take part in the Add1Challenge. // One month down, two to go.

This Month’s Goals

Continue filling the gaps in my Mandarin vocabulary I’ve noticed since Little Linguist’s arrival. // Like I keep saying, this will be a never ending project. And it’s wonderful. He’s starting to get interested in specific things, so this is definitely going to help me build the right vocabulary.

Read the next Language Reading Challenge book on my list. // If you haven’t already, you can join us on Goodreads!

Complete month two of the Add1Challenge. // I forgot what a difference focus makes. I know I won’t be able to maintain the same intensity I’ve put into Croatian this last month, but I think I’ll have to make some very important decisions at the end of this challenge.

Resources I Used This Month

A quick recap on the materials I am using.

What I Am Using to Learn Chinese

What I Am Using to Learn Croatian

What I’m Using to Brush Up/Improve My French:

  • LingQ
  • Immersion (we speak franglais at home)
  • Reading books written by French authors
  • Listening to French radio/podcasts
  • Chatting with family
  • Watching movies and other videos in French
  • Playing Skyrim (well, all my PS4 games) in French (I plan on swapping the language to Chinese once I’ve completed my first play through)

What I am Using to Learn Russian:

On a break from Russian for the moment.

What I am Using to Learn Korean:

  • I am on a break from Korean

What I am Using to Learn Spanish:

I am not actively studying Spanish.

What I’m Using to Learn Japanese:

I am not actively studying Japanese.

What I’m Using for Little Linguist

Resources That Aren’t Language Specific

  • None

The Biggest Lesson I Am Taking Away from This Month

I love languages and want to study THEM ALL. And in that excitement, I sometimes forget what doing a focused and intense project can do for your language learning. In participating in the Add1Challenge this past month, I’m reminded of how beneficial it is to sit down and work on one thing for a solid block of time. 

To be transparent with you, I’m sure I won’t always commit to just one language at a time, but I’m beginning to see the wisdom in doing 3 month projects. It’s not so long that you get bored, but it’s long enough that the language gets the attention that it needs. 

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  • dandiprat

    It seems like if you do one language intensively for a short period and then drop it for a while you can quickly forget it. However, if you do multiple languages at lower intensity for a long time your progress per language will be slower but it will take longer to forget them. I know lots of people who got better at speaking than me by doing study abroad but quickly forgot their languages after returning to their country while I studied longer than them prior to going abroad but in my country at a much slower pace. I still remember almost all the Japanese I learned while they remember nothing even though it’s been a long time since I studied.

    • Good point and I think that I would probably agree with you. I think whether it’s one language or ten, consistency is really the key here. 🙂

  • Hi Shannon!

    It’s great to be here for Month 2 of our Language Learning Mission for Spanish. One big take away Midge learned this month was that by setting realistic monthly goals she was able to be proud of her accomplishments at the end of the month, which is encouraging her to keep moving forward. Being a part of this supportive community helps a lot too, so thanks!

    • Thank you! That’s a really great takeaway. Appreciate you sharing this a ton.

  • Marie Noëlle

    I can totally relate. Way too much exciting languages to learn. Hard to pick just one, or to give them all our full attention.

    • I know….. So many incredible languages and people to share them with exist. Such a good problem to have, I suppose.

  • My daughter is learning Spanish at school so we have been having simple conversations about our day and asking each other how we are. It is really lovely to see the improvements she is making with the language.

  • theElectricHare

    I hear good things about the add1challenge. I hope it’s working out well for you! I’m learning multiple languages currently and I’m actually thinking next month’s Clear the List (Nov) might actually be a single language focus month for me. It can’t hurt, can it?!

    I listened to Kirstin’s podcast the other day about reading, I was just wondering, based on October’s reading challenge, if you could recommend any sites to find foreign language magazines (particularly French, if you know of any)?

  • Sam

    Always inspiring to read about your progress. I am with you on wanting to study all languages at the same time. I have to hold myself back and try to limit myself so I can make progress before moving on. I have found that if I can reach an intermediate (ish) level, then I tend to remember it a lot better and can use it without needing lots of study (like talking to language partners). Then I can choose the next language on the list.
    I haven’t heard much about the add1challenge so may have to check that one out.
    Good luck with October! 🙂

    • Thanks Sam! It is a struggle to manage it all, but sometimes putting one language on hold for another can be hugely rewarding. 🙂 Just have to remind myself of that at times!

  • Angel – French Lover

    Congratulations on all that you got done ! It’s so cool that you are doing the add1challenge. I always wanted to do it but so far haven’t managed to find/create enough stability in my life to commit to it. I’m really looking forward to your conclusions and your insights about the challenge. Keep going!

    • Thanks Angel! It has definitely been a great motivator for me. Especially with Croatian. It’s forced me to sit down and really work on it the way I needed to.