Language Learning Strategies | #clearthelist November 2017

Welcome to second to last Clear the List for 2017! Are you ready to start a new year?

This month I spent at home after an incredible time traveling in September. I went to Singapore and Bali, and will be sharing tons of posts about my adventures here as well as on Instagram.

If you’re new around these parts, #clearthelist is a linkup where we share our monthly goals, and by we, I mean myself and Lindsay of Lindsay Does Languages.

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Last Month’s Highlights on Instagram

Last Month’s Blog Highlights


Scuba Diving Bali with Manta Manta Diving // My friend and I had an incredible time diving in Bali. The vast number of fish in that area is amazing.

Food & Wine Experiences at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel // This past summer I went to a couple of the food and wine experiences at the Ritz Carlton and I summed them up in this post.

Language Learning

How Procrastination Will Destroy Your Language Studies // And tips to overcome it.

Last Month’s Goals

Continue filling the gaps in my Mandarin vocabulary I’ve noticed since Little Linguist’s arrival. // I resumed my Mandarin lessons after a break and am working on learning a lot more colloquial language. I also try to read more often with Little Linguist (he loves books).

Read the next Language Reading Challenge book on my list. // Done! 

Complete month two of the Fi3M Challenge. // Done! I was a little bit late with my day 30 video, but I’m really getting a lot out of the focus.

This Month’s Goals

Continue filling the gaps in my Mandarin vocabulary I’ve noticed since Little Linguist’s arrival. // Like I keep saying, this will be a never ending project. And it’s wonderful. He’s starting to get interested in specific things, so this is definitely going to help me build the right vocabulary.

Read the next Language Reading Challenge book on my list. // If you haven’t already, you can join us on Facebook!

Complete month three of the Challenge. // I can’t believe I’m already heading into the final month of the challenge. Three months really went by fast, but I feel as though my Croatian is really showing it. I still need to work on vocabulary acquisition, but I’m getting there. Far more than the last time I studied the language.

Resources I Used This Month

A quick recap on the materials I am using.

What I Am Using to Learn Chinese

What I Am Using to Learn Croatian

What I’m Using to Brush Up/Improve My French:

  • LingQ
  • Immersion (we speak franglais at home)
  • Reading books written by French authors
  • Listening to French radio/podcasts
  • Chatting with family
  • Watching movies and other videos in French
  • Playing Skyrim (well, all my PS4 games) in French (I plan on swapping the language to Chinese once I’ve completed my first play through)

What I am Using to Learn Russian:

On a break from Russian for the moment.

What I am Using to Learn Korean:

  • I am on a break from Korean

What I am Using to Learn Spanish:

I am not actively studying Spanish.

What I’m Using to Learn Japanese:

I am not actively studying Japanese.

What I’m Using for Little Linguist

Resources That Aren’t Language Specific

The Biggest Lesson I Am Taking Away from This Month

This past month, I picked the minimizing I was working on back up and it’s made a huge difference in my language studies. I read “Spark Joy”, another inspiring book from Marie Kondo and it made me want to get moving again. I made another pass at a few of my possessions and clearing my physical clutter really went a long way towards clearing my mental clutter. 

For the first time, I went through my books. I tended to keep a ton of them because, you know, “just in case”. That, and a few years ago I read this study about how more books in the house makes kids smarter. Now that I have a child I had this mental block about minimizing my books because of it. But I finally did it. I had several French readers that were below my level, several Chinese books in Traditional Chinese rather than Simplified (that I had bought before I realized that there was a difference).

Now that I don’t have all these excess learning resources that I have hanging around, I feel less overwhelmed. There’s less that I have to “get to” and it allows me to focus on what I have. And in doing that, I feel less guilty about the things I’m not using and to make the most of what I have.

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