Language Learning Reading Challenge 2017

The following post includes the guidelines for the 2017 Language Reading Challenge. For the 2018 guidelines, please follow this link.

The Books that make up the Language Reading Challenge

1 January // Book about your native language
2. February // Book in your target language (translation of a book from your native language)
3. March // A book about someone who learns a language (can be fiction or non-fiction)
4. April // Read a book written by an author from a country that speaks your target language (can be a translation or in the original language)
5. May // A coursebook/lesson book (chance to finish up one you’ve been working one or work through one)
6. June // A book written by a language blogger (you can find books by bloggers such as Judith Meyer, Kerstin Cable, Benny Lewis, Olly Richards, Bill Price, Siskia Lagomarsino, yours truly, and more)
7. July // History of the region, culture, or language that you are studying
8. August // A children’s book in your target language
9. September // Book in your target language (originally written in your target language)
10. October // A book/magazine/etc about your personal interests in your target language (sports, sewing, music, etc.)
11. November // A book set in the country of your target language (can be fiction or nonfiction)
12. December // A book with an invented language (or a non-fiction book about invented languages – this can also be a course book for Esperanto, for example)

A Few Notes Regarding the Challenge:

The challenge doesn’t have to focus on one language, if you are studying multiple languages (or have an interest in languages you’re not studying), feel free to go for books in or about those languages.

You are absolutely welcome to read books of any level. Graded readers, children’s books, academic books or any other genre are acceptable for the challenges that require you to read in your target language(s).

You do not need to participate every month to be a part of this challenge. You can choose the months that align with your interests.

If you do not complete the book you take up in any one month of the challenge, that’s okay! You can still join in the conversation and share some of what you’ve learnt from the sections of the book you were able to get through.

Language Reading Challenge Linkup Rules:

1. Share your post discussing the book that you’ve read this month. Submissions unrelated to the theme or links to your homepage will be deleted. You can use the linkup below or just share in the comments.

2. Follow the host: Shannon from Eurolinguiste.

3. OPTIONAL:Join us on Goodreads.An InLinkz Link-up

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