Itchy Feet Comic | Language Reading Challenge June

So much reading, so little time! This past month, I decided to do a bit of “light reading” to meet the language reading challenge requirements. 

As a quick recap, here are the books we’ve read so far this year:

January // Book about your native language
February // Book in your target language (translation of a book from your native language)
March // A book about someone who learns a language (can be fiction or non-fiction)
April // Read a book written by an author from a country that speaks your target language (can be a translation or in the original language)
May // A coursebook/lesson book (chance to finish up one you’ve been working one or work through one)
June // A book written by a language blogger

The guidelines to participate are available here and you can also join up by commenting on the posts here at Eurolinguiste or by becoming a part of the group on Goodreads.

This month, the challenge was to read a book about the history of the region, culture, or language that you are studying. I chose to read the first Itchy Feet volume from Malachi Rempen.

Itchy Feet: Volume One by Malachi Rempen

If you’re involved in the language community at all, it’s impossible not to see some of Malachi’s comics. They’re shared often by language learners and the content is incredibly relevant. And funny.

I had seen most of the comics in the first volume, but there were a few that were new to me.

In total, I believe there are currently four volumes of comics from Itchy Feet, and the content just keeps getting better.

Itchy Feet, in addition to being available as book volumes, is a weekly comic published on the Itchy Feet Comic Website. The content is about learning languages, culture, and travel and it’s done with a humorous touch. Plus, the comics are available in a number of languages, so they’re excellent language practice too.


If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining way to work on your target languages, or to just have a good laugh, I recommend the Itchy Feet comics. As someone who learns languages and travels, the comics are incredibly relatable and I enjoy following Malachi.

Title: Itchy Feet: Volume I
Author: Malachi Rempen
Pages: 54 pages
Publication Date: December 5, 2013

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