Hey there language learning friends! If you subscribe to my newsletter, you may have already heard about my new eCourse and eBook that was published over at Fluent in 3 Months – Say Goodbye to Shy: Speaking a Language the Introvert’s Way. Whether or not you’ve seen the announcement, I also wanted to take a moment and introduce it to you here on Eurolinguiste.com.

Shyness can be one of the biggest obstacles that language learners face when it comes to speaking their target languages and getting to know other language learners. And it’s something that I am all too familiar with personally as some who is both shy and introverted.

But Say Goodbye to Shy isn’t just about dealing with shyness or introversion. It’s a guide all about using your strengths as a learner, your personality, and your interests to your advantage as a language learner to help eliminate any fears or hesitations you may have when it comes to speaking your target language.

You can learn more about everything that’s included in the course and ebook right here.

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Say Goodbye to Shy: Speaking a Language, the Introvert's Way | Eurolinguiste