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Fluent Chinese | A Review of Judith Meyer’s Latest Book

Fluent Chinese | A Review of Judith Meyer’s Latest Book

Title: Fluent Chinese: the complete plan from beginner to advanced
Author: Judith Meyer
Page Count: 56 pages as a PDF, 54 pages as a Kindle Book
Price: $6.99 for the Kindle Edition on Amazon

As an independent language learner, one of the most difficult aspects of studying a language is not necessarily the language itself. Rather, it’s figuring out just what to study in order to most efficiently improve your ability in the language you’re learning.

And that’s just what Judith offers readers with her latest book, “Fluent Chinese: The Complete Plan from Beginner to Advanced.”

About the Book

“Fluent Chinese” takes Chinese learners from the getting ready and starting from zero stages to attaining a tourist speaking level in the language and all the way through to fluency.

In each chapter you are given advice on how to study and what to study with a collection of resources to help you get started. She also offers challenges to help you use what you’ve learnt up to each point in the book. These challenges include things like going out to a Chinese restaurant to use the language.

The book also includes tips on what to do when you are feeling stuck or when you hit one of those dreaded learning plateaus.

Our Recommendation

Judith’s book is an excellent outline and study plan for those studying Chinese. The resources included as part of the guide are incredibly useful and the advice in the book is quite helpful for learners.

The tips in the guide are extremely straight forward and easy to follow. It is an excellent and thorough resource if you’re interested in learning Mandarin. Highly recommended.

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About Judith Meyer

Judith Meyer is a well-known polyglot with twelve languages under her belt including Chinese, Modern Greek, and Indonesian. She has degrees in Romance Languages and Computational Linguistics. She has since developed numerous lessons for various companies and has authored several books on language learning. Her current projects include and blogging about her experiences as a polyglot over at

Get Fluent Chinese: the complete plan from beginner to advanced on Amazon.

Disclaimer: Judith sent me a copy of her book in exchange for a review.

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