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Half of my family is in France. That means I don’t get to talk to them as much as I’d like and that I get to see them even less. On the bright side, this means we get to go to Europe somewhat frequently to visit with them, catch up, and enjoy homemade food and wine (my niece is quite the talented baker and everything she makes is delicious).

During one of our trips back, M and I decided to take a walk through one of the parks to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Paris has quite a few wonderful parks.

The following photos are actually from 2010, but every once in a while, I like to look through photos I’ve taken while in Paris to feel sentimental and connected to the memories that I’ve made there. I recently rediscovered these and thought I would share.

I remember that on this day, it wasn’t particularly warm. There was mist in the air and a slight breeze, but it was nice to escape to the park after being locked indoors for days on end due to high winds and a lot of rain. It was also nice to spend a quiet moment alone. M and I need to take romantic walks through the park more often!

Flowers in Paris

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  • The flower shots are gorgeous! Yeah one great thing about having family abroad is that you get to visit them and get to see the inside scoop of living there without actually living there!

    • Thank you! Not getting to see them enough is kind of a bummer, but getting to travel to see them makes up for it a little! 🙂

  • what pretty flowers! that’s just so awesome that you got to explore the city of paris as a local. i feel like that is prob so much better than going as a tourist.

    • I think there are benefits to both! I definitely do more site seeing when I go back to visit than when I live somewhere.

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    Gorgeous photos – I especially like the ones with the beetles. How lucky of you to have half of your family in France?! I’m sure I’d overstay my welcome with frequent visits. My husband and I along with my parents just returned from France in March. I never get tired of our visits there.

    • Thank you! March is a great time of year to go. Did you have good weather?

      • Time Travel Plans

        Awesome weather. Everyone we met kept telling us that such good weather was unusual for that time of year. We told them that we brought the California sunshine with us! 😉

  • Very pretty pictures!! I love the parts of France I have gotten to visit…how fun to have a great reason to travel there often!

    • Thank you! I hope your move is going smoothly?

      • We fly out next week to look for rentals so finger-crossed we can find something!!! 🙂 As soon as we have a lease than we will set a move date. We are thinking early September! I need to look back at some of your Paris posts…I adore Paris!

        • Wow! I hope you find something you like! Sending good vibes your way.

          And thank you 🙂

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