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We’re nearly into the second month of the year! I thought I’d post my Weekly Wishes a bit early this month because I have a really great post from Lindsay Dow of Lindsay Does Languages for you that I can’t wait to share, so I’m publishing it on Monday (when I would usually put up this post).

Last Month’s Goals

  1. Finish the new book for Teen Jazz. I have finished a huge portion of this. I am mostly doing edits and touch-ups.
  2. Get through 1/3 to 1/2 of HSK Level I Mock Test Book. Achieved! I got through the first 1/3.
  3. Flexibility. I have gained back some of my old flexibility, but it is not quite where I’d like it to be. Definitely needs some more work.
  4. Assemble resources for HSK Level 2. Did it the last day of the month. Yes, I know that’s today and that it was obviously right before the post went up… Still counts, right?
  5. 5K Steps per day. I managed this every day except for January 1st (which I mentioned when my goal post went up in January). My steps averaged 5K-20K depending on the day.
  6. More minimization.  We got rid of at least 30 things this month (books, clothes, etc.) and have not purchased anything to take up the physical space they once were stored in. It was also the first month that M really got on board with minimizing and it is so much easier when you do it as a household than when you do it on your own.

This Month’s Goals

  1. Stretch everyday. I have not had as much time as I would have liked to work on this last month, and so, I’d like to give it more attention this next month.
  2. Wake up 15 minutes earlier. I can use this to study language a bit more, read books for reviews on Teen Jazz (or here), or stretch.
  3. Get through the second 1/3 or more of my HSK Mock Test book. Finish HSK 1 Memrise deck.
  4. 5.5K steps per day. I am hoping to step up last month’s goal by 500 steps per day. I thought I would have increased it more, but I just don’t think I can at this point.
  5. Publish the new book for Teen Jazz. Finish editing it and publish it.
  6. More minimizing. I don’t expect to do as much as last month, but I’d like to make a goal of getting rid of 1 thing a day this month by either a) using it up; b) selling it; c) donating it; or d) tossing it.

That’s it for me in February. What are your goals for this month?

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