Black Friday Deals for Language Learners 2018

You’ve worked hard this last year at your language studies, and what better way to celebrate your progress than by rewarding yourself with an early holiday gift? 

By investing in your studies, you’re also preparing yourself for the new year with new resources so that you have a place to start when all of the craziness of the holiday season is through. Or, you can always get a little something for your language learning friend!

As a part of Black Friday, I’m really excited to offer an incredible selection of discounts on my courses this year. 

Language Learning Accelerator

With four jobs, a toddler, a blog, and eight languages under my belt, I’ve had a lot of experience developing time management and energy management skills. I created this course to share them with you. If you ever feel too busy to learn a language, or too tired, Language Learning Accelerator has all the tools you need to work through it and finally find the time to learn your language.

Get 50% off Language Learning Accelerator $48.50 (normally $97)

The Courage to Speak

In partnership with Fluent in 3 Months, I put together a course to help you build the confidence to start speaking your language and connecting with others. Each module includes a video lesson, a worksheet, and exercises that put you on the path towards becoming a confident speaker of your target language. As a part of the course, you’re also given access to Say Goodbye to Shy.

Get 34% off The Courage to Speak 

Get By In Croatian

I recently launched a Croatian language course and you can get all of the bonus materials for the first season for 50% off. There will be 20 total lessons and for each you have a video lesson, the audio, bonus audio, and a PDF worksheet. 

Get 50% off Get By In Croatian $43.50 (normally $87)

Language Study Club with Lindsay Dow

Lindsay and I recently launched a new monthly subscription hub and study club under the radar. It’s a fun new platform where Lindsay and I alternate each month, providing tons of tips, video lessons, and actionable advice around different themes. To start, Lindsay tackled motivation in the first month and I covered building your personal script in the second. You’ll have access to all of the archive months in with your purchase of a membership.

Get $9 off each month of Language Study Club

I’ve also partnered up with Fluent in 3 Months to offer you some amazing deals this year as a part of their Black Friday promotion. 

Of course, they have an incredible package put together. In it, you can get:

  • Benny’s Bootcamp Live // A 3-month language hacking program with live video webinars every week.
  • Fi3M Premium // This is their cornerstone product and a long-term learning portal. It’s a great place to start planning your routine for the new year. Plus, they recently brought it over to Teachable, so it has a much nicer user experience. 
  • Conversation Countdown // Their 7-week email course that helps you prepare for your first conversation in your new language.
  • Why X is Easy // 6 eBooks that break down the tough language stuff (like word gender and conjugations) for German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French and English.

The value of all of this is over $899 but Fi3M is offering it to you at just $197.

They’re also offering an incredible discount on several other courses. You can learn more about them here.

As a quick recap, here are all of the links:

Other Great Deals Across the Web

Drops // You can get 50% a Premium subscription to Drops, my favorite vocabulary learning app. The offer expires on Monday. This offer is only available through their web payment and isn’t offered within the app itself. Get 50% a Premium Drops Subscription.

The Ultimate Guide to German for Beginners // Get 50% off this excellent German course from The course bundle includes: The German Pronunciation and Accent Masterclass, Easy German Grammar for Beginners, and Hyper-Efficient German. $54.50 (usually $109)

Pimsleur // Get 50% off at Pimsleur by using the code “BESTDEAL”. Pimsleur is my favourite audio course. It’s a bit on the pricey side, so this is a great offer. Get 50% off Pimsleur.

Innovative Language // Innovative language is one of the most popular podcast series around. They’re offering 51% off their Basic, Premium AND Premium Plus subscriptions. Get 51% off: ChineseClass101, EnglishClass101FrenchPod101, GermanPod101, ItalianPod101, JapanesePod101, KoreanClass101, RussianPod101 and SpanishPod101.

Don’t wait! Many of these deals will only be available until the end of Cyber Monday, Nov 26th, 2018.

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