An Ode to the French Countryside

I have a great love for the French paysage. I have fond memories of hours on trains watching les petits villages, small towns and Robin Hood-esque forests pass by my window.

For those who visit France, but still want to experience Paris, you don’t have to drive far to visit the French countryside, but it’s worth considering some of the country’s other départements to get the full experience and see more of what L’Hexagone has to offer.

The French Countryside | Eurolinguiste

Provence and Alsace are two of the regions that first come to mind when I think of some of the roads that have most stayed with me. Alsace has a wine road that leads you through beautiful villages in the east of France.

Of course, there are many more landscapes in France that I’d one day love to visit, but haven’t yet had the chance. Burgundy is certainly on my list as is Avignon to see its often sung-of bridge.

For the time being, I am quite content to browse through photos of past trips where I can catch glimpses of églises perched on hilltops and plan out the places I’d love to visit in other areas of France.

The French Countryside | Eurolinguiste

These fields of sunflowers are everywhere around Paris and I think the fields of yellow flowers are gorgeous.

The French Countryside | Eurolinguiste

The statue in the middle of this field is of Napoleon.

The French Countryside | Eurolinguiste

My Wishlist for Trips to the French Countryside:

      1. Provence // Despite mentioning it above, I have yet to have visited Provence and visiting their well-known lavender fields is high on my list. I’d love to stay in a château that has been converted into a hotel. Provence also extends down to the mediterranean where it borders with Italy, so I wouldn’t mind heading down that way either.



    • Avignon // Avignon is in southeast France, a little bit farther south than I’ve ever been and I long to see the pont everyone sings about. It is in Provence, so technically it would fall under my first choice, but it’s worth mentioning on its own.



    • Beynac-et-Cazenac // This village in the French countryside has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and has a medieval aura that makes it an incredible place to visit. That, and it’s dramatic cliff views.



    • Carnac // If liths are your thing (think Stonehenge), then Carnac is for you. It is located in one of my favorite areas in France. Brittany, and it has more than 3,000 granite menhirs all mysteriously arranged in rows.



    • Carcassonne // If you want to head to the extreme south of France, then I recommend Carcassonne. It also has a rather epic medieval fortress. As I mentioned before, I love castles and this would be an absolute dream to visit.



The French Countryside | Eurolinguiste The French Countryside | Eurolinguiste The French Countryside | EurolinguisteThe French Countryside | Eurolinguiste The French Countryside | Eurolinguiste The French Countryside | Eurolinguiste

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What are some of the most beautiful countrysides you’ve visited? Share your posts or comments below!