This last year I completed a Project 365 where I practiced and worked on music everyday for an entire year. I hope to keep practicing as much as possible, and I am sure it will be more often than not, but this year I have a different goal. This year I aim to work on an entirely different aspect of my music abilities. To throw in a language learning metaphor (since this is a language learning blog), I’ve spent the last year working on my speaking and comprehension skills. This year, I’m going to develop my reading and writing.

My 2014 Goals

In terms of music, that means I am challenging myself to write 50 songs. They will probably be spread out in the different genres that I am comfortable with, but that’s my project for 2014.

This means I’ll need to write between 4 and 5 songs a month to meet my goal. That’s about one song per week! I also hope to record some of these songs and put them together as an album or two, but even if that doesn’t happen THIS year, I’m okay with it. My main efforts will be to work on my composing. The recording and album production can come later.

I’ll be keeping track of my project over at my primary website As of September 1, 2014 I have 30/50 songs written. Now I just need to start recording them!

I also hope to read 20 books this year. Last year I read more than 50 books, but several (yes, okay, most) of them were not music or language related. I’d like to improve that ratio, and so, I’m challenging myself to read 20 marketing or music related books and/or language books this year to really focus in on my craft(s). Any fiction reading I do will be around or in addition to that.

We’ll see how it goes! You can follow my progress on Goodreads.

For now, I’ll keep track of the books here:

Current standing: 5/20
Total pages read: 1,406 Pages



Page Count

1 The Story of French Jean-Benoit Nadeau, Julie Barlow 496 Pages
2 Music Publishing Tim Whitsett 192 Pages
3 This Business of Music Marketing and Promotion Ted Lathrop 320 Pages
4 Ruthless Self Promotion in the Music Industry Jeffrey P Fisher 200 Pages
5 Succeeding in Music John Stiernberg 198 Pages
6 Making Music Make Money Eric Beall 257 Pages
7 Bienvenue: Glencoe French 1B : Writing Activities Workbook and Student Tape Manual Conrad J. Schmitt 258 Pages
8 This Business of Artist Management Xavier M. Frascogna, Jr. and H. Lee Hetherington 304 Pages
9 Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language Eva Hoffman 288 Pages
10  The Self-Promoting Musician  Peter Spellman  264 Pages
11 The Pocket Linguist: A Practical Guide to Learning any Language Gregg A. Miller 118 Pages
12 How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements Simon S Tam 80 Pages
13 Language: Learn Any Language FAST! Dagny Taggart 64 Pages
14 Conquering Foreign Languages Tristan King 61 Pages
15 The Ultimate Language Learning Secret Anthony Metivier 88 Pages
16 Breaking Through to Fluency Joshua Smith 28 Pages
17 Found in Translation Nataly Kelly 288 Pages
18 The Musician’s Internet Peter Spellman 142 Pages
19 This Business of Artist Management Howard Blumenthal, Oliver Goodenough 297 Pages
20 Chinese: Learn Chinese in 7 Days! – The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning the Basics of Mandarin Chinese in No Time Dagny Taggart 120 Pages
21  Popular Lyric Writing  Andrea Stolpe  145 Pages
22 Chinese in 10 Minutes a Day Kristine K. Kershul 132 Pages
23 A Bord-Glencoe French 2 Conrad J. Schmitt 511 Pages
Total Pages 7,451 Pages